Raw Milk Educational Materials and Videos

Read our raw milk Q&As for more information about the health risks of raw milk.

Educational Materials

Video Series: Real Stories of the Dangers of Raw Milk

Julie Riggs and her family live in a small town in Missouri. Her husband and daughter couldn’t tolerate cow’s milk, so the family decided to try raw goat’s milk from a local farmer. In this video, Julie describes what happened to her daughter and husband after they drank the raw milk.




Mary McGonigle-Martin, from California, is the kind of mom who does her homework. Searching for a healthier way to provide dairy for her 7-year-old son, she considered raw milk. In this video, Mary describes what happened after her son drank contaminated raw milk.




Kalee Prue is a health-conscious single mom from Connecticut, who enjoyed being active. Kalee is lactose intolerant and read that drinking raw milk would help her digest dairy better. A few days after finishing the raw milk, Kalee began to get sick. In this video, Kalee tells her story.

Podcast: Raw or Nonpasteurized Products Can Make You Sick

Dr. Adam Langer, CDC epidemiologist, discusses the dangers of consuming raw or nonpasteurized dairy products in this CDC podcast, “Raw or Nonpasteurized Products Can Make You Sick” (includes transcript).

Fact Sheets and Other Materials

While Pregnant, Be Careful with Queso Fresco

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English [PDF – 3 pages]
Español [PDF – 3 pages]

Check the Cheese, Avoid Listeria

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English [PDF – 1 page]
Español [PDF – 1 page]

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