Success Stories

These stories illustrate the work FoodCORE does to advance public health across the United States.

FoodCORE experts work to detect and respond to outbreaks, train professionals and strengthen health systems, and create programs that increase the safety of people’s food, water, and environment. Read about some of the specific ways we do this below.

Latest Success Story

FoodCORE and OutbreakNet Enhanced: Leveraging Enhanced Capacity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, public health staff were pulled from their regular job duties to support the unprecedented pandemic response. Like other health departments, Foodborne Diseases Centers for Outbreak Response Enhancement (FoodCORE) and OutbreakNet Enhanced (OBNE) sites were faced with the challenge of conducting routine enteric disease surveillance and outbreak response activities with fewer epidemiology, laboratory, and environmental health staff. FoodCORE and OBNE sites found innovative ways to maintain routine work during the pandemic by leveraging their enhanced capacity and adapting their workflows.

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Past Success Stories