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FoodNet report summarizes 2018 preliminary findings for eight pathogens commonly transmitted through food.

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In 2015, FoodNet received reports of 20,098 illnesses, 4,598 hospitalization’s, and 77 deaths in its surveillance area.

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FoodNet conducts surveillance for infections of eight pathogens transmitted commonly through food and for hemolytic uremic syndrome.

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The use of culture-independent diagnostic tests to diagnose intestinal bacterial infections commonly transmitted by food is on the rise.

The Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network, or FoodNet, has been tracking trends for infections transmitted commonly through food since 1996.

FoodNet provides a foundation for food safety policy and prevention efforts. It estimates the number of foodborne illnesses, monitors trends in incidence of specific foodborne illnesses over time, attributes illnesses to specific foods and settings, and disseminates this information.