FoodCORE Partners

Partnerships enhance the FoodCORE Program

The FoodCORE program strengthens the capacity of participating centers to identify and respond to foodborne illness outbreaks. To build comprehensive outbreak response programs in each center, FoodCORE funds activities and staff to support collaboration among epidemiologists, laboratorians, and environmental health specialists. FoodCORE also collaborates with other food safety programs that focus on various aspects of surveillance and outbreak response. For example, all ten FoodCORE centers participate in PulseNet, five are FoodNet sites, and four are Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellence. Cross-program collaborations enhance and complement FoodCORE’s internal capacity building. The table below highlights some of the programs with which FoodCORE works closely. FoodCORE also works with the OutbreakNet Enhanced sites, the Association of Public Health LaboratoriesExternal , the Council for State and Territorial EpidemiologistsExternal, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)External , and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Rapid Response Teams (FDA-RRTs).External

Center/Site Integrated Food Safety
Centers of Excellence
FDA-RRT FoodNet PulseNet EHS-Net NoroSTAT or CaliciNet
Connecticut X X
Colorado X X X X
Minnesota X X X X X X
New York City X X
Ohio X X
Oregon X X X X
South Carolina X X
Tennessee X X X X X
Utah X
Wisconsin X X