Building a Successful Student Team

  1. Prepare
    • Determine supervision and hiring mechanisms
    • Secure office space and equipment
    • Gather funds to pay students
  2. Train students for high quality, consistent work with observation and shadowing, written manual, and practice interviews. Suggested topics:
    • Jurisdictional structure, processes, and protocols
    • Databases and electronic systems
    • Tips, tricks, and techniques
    • Privacy rules and confidentiality
  3. Manage
    • Coordinate schedules between students to ensure coverage
    • Schedule team meetings and supervise students
    • Engage students in additional activities depending on your needs and their availability
  4. Evaluate
    • Evaluate both the students and management to facilitate process improvement and
      ongoing success.
    • Example of formal evaluation: exit interviews
    • Example of informal evaluation: day to day conversations
    • Take note of opportunities students accept when leaving the team