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Active People, Healthy Nation is a national initiative led by CDC to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027.

Increased physical activity can improve health, quality of life, and reduce health care costs. Regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of at least 20 chronic diseases and conditions and provide effective treatment for many of these conditions. Other potential benefits include better school performance and improved military readiness. Building active and walkable communities can help support local economies, result in less air pollution, and create more cohesive communities.

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What is the goal?

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Active People, Healthy Nation seeks to move approximately:

How will we get there?

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To reach this goal, communities can implement evidence-based strategies to increase physical activity across sectors and settings. Providing equitable and inclusive access to safe places for physical active is foundational to each strategy.

Everyone has a role to play! Learn what you can do as an individual, as part of your organization, or a community champion.

How are we monitoring success?

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CDC monitors physical activity levels through the National Health Interview Survey and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.


CDC’s Active People, Healthy Nation℠: Creating an Active America, Together
Commentary describing Active People, Healthy Nation

Strategies to Increase Physical Activity
Evidence-based approaches to increase physical activity.

Tools for Action
What you can do based on your profession or interest.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2ndedition
US Department of Health and Human Services’ guidelines for amounts and types of physical activity needed to maintain or improve overall health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Physical Activity Basics
Links to physical activity benefits and recommendations for different groups.

Physical Activity Benefits
Benefits for children, adults, and adults 65 and older.

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