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Does your organization want to improve community health and wellness? Can your work make it safer and easier for people to walk, run, roll, or take transit where they live, learn, work, and play? Then you can play an important role in helping people to increase their physical activity and in creating activity-friendly communities.

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What Can You Do?

You can take the following actions to promote physical activity and active communities in your work as part of Active People, Healthy Nation:

  • SIGN UP to be part of Active People, Healthy Nation.
  • SUPPORT THE GOAL of getting 27 million Americans more physically active through the strategies that work.
  • LEARN about how different sectors can promote physical activity. Read success stories, access resources, and find ways to collaborate with other organizations and sectors.
  • EDUCATE government leaders in your area about the value of creating activity-friendly communities.
  • SPREAD the WORD about #ActivePeople.
    • SHARE your physical activity successes on social media using #ActivePeople. Check out some sample social media posts to help get you started.
    • CONNECT with other supporters of Active People by using #ActivePeople on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • FEATURE links to Active People on your website, newsletter, or materials.
    • INCORPORATE Active People materials into your physical activity campaigns.
    • USE the Active People template for presentations to your community or organization.
    • ENCOURAGE other organizations, your members, and your networks to join Active People, Healthy Nation by sharing successes, tips, and lessons learned on social media.

Active People, Healthy Nation. Creating an Active America, Together.

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Active People, Healthy Nation. Creating an Active America, Together.

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