School and Youth Programs

School and Youth Programs

School and Youth Programs

Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs use a combination of strategies to increase physical activity before, during, and after school. Components include physical education, recess, classroom physical activity, staff Involvement, before- or after-school programs, and family and community engagement. Schools can use the following multicomponent approaches to help students get the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity:

Comprehensive physical education.

Physical education is a K–12 academic subject that provides standards-based curricula to develop the knowledge and behaviors for physical activity, physical fitness, and motor skills in students. Schools can develop and carry out comprehensive PE policies for daily physical activity. This will prepare students to be physically active at school and beyond.

Opportunities to be active before, during, and after school.

In addition to supporting quality physical education, schools can carry out recess and classroom physical activity policies to ensure students are physically active during the day. Physical activity before and after school might include physical activity clubs, intramural programs, interscholastic sports, access to team and individual sports, and physical activity in before- and after-school programs.


*Can be used to help address equitable and inclusive access to physical activity

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