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Active People, Healthy NationSM is a national initiative to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027. The resources on this page are intended to help you promote physical activity and move audiences to integrate more activity into their lives and communities.

Design Element

Active People, Healthy Nation. Creating an Active America, Together.

The Active People, Healthy Nation design element is available in English and Spanish for download and use on your physical activity-related materials. View the usage guidelines page to learn the requirements for using the Active People, Healthy Nation name and design and download the design elements.
Design Element Usage Guidelines

What People Are Saying

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Copy and paste the code in the accordion below to embed badges in websites, social networking sites, and blogs.

Print and Digital Advertisements

Campaign advertisements featuring the Active People, Healthy Nation design element are available from the State and Community Health Media Center (Media Center). The Media Center also offers Move Your WaySM materials, the promotional campaign for the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. The Media Center is a collection of free and low-cost, audience-tested advertising and support materials focused on physical activity, nutrition, and obesity.

I choose to play as a family
Make your city/town your gym

Moving Matters Campaign Partner Resources

Moving Matters is a communication campaign supporting the objectives of Active People, Healthy Nation. Moving Matters campaign partner resources are intended to help communities and organizations increase awareness and promote physical activity.

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Man and woman walking with weights in their hands

Fact Sheets and Presentations

About Active People, Healthy Nation fact sheet

About Active People, Healthy Nation [PDF-633KB]

Learn more about Active People and the strategies that can increase physical activity in communities.

Strategies Signpost Graphic [JPG-56KB]
Strategies Signpost Graphic (with strategy descriptions) [JPG-91KB]

Active People, Healthy Nation At-a-Glance fact sheet

Active People, Healthy Nation—At-a-Glance [PDF-1.38MB]

Inadequate physical activity affects our nation’s health and economy. Read about the health, economic, safety, and community benefits increased physical activity can offer.

Creating an active America, together.

Creating an Active America, Together [PPTX-7.46MB]

Use this presentation to share Active People, Healthy Nation with your community. Adapt the slides to discuss specific strategies and activities that support physical activity at the state and local level.

Social Media

Check the accordion below for a full list of sample social media posts for Active People, Healthy Nation or use one of the examples below. Please use #ActivePeople in your own social media when posting about Active People.

Sample Twitter Post | Everyone should have safe and accessible places for physical activity. Learn how Active People, Healthy Nation is promoting physical activity across America. #ActivePeople

Sample Facebook Post | Active People, Healthy Nation will help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027. Increased physical activity can help improve health, and quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs. #ActivePeople

Facebook Frames

Add an #ActivePeople frame to your Facebook profile picture by visiting the CDC Eat Well Be Active Facebook account. Use the links below to add the frame to your profile.

Facebook Frame

Animated .GIF of Active People Design Element

To download a .GIF version of the Active People design element, visit the Usage Guidelines page.

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