Active People, Healthy NationSM (Active People) Word and Design Element Usage Guidelines

These guidelines describe the requirements for using the Active People, Healthy NationSM (Active People) name and design element service marks (Marks) to promote coordinated efforts to increase physical activity among Americans. The guidelines also provide language for consistent messaging about the initiative. If you have questions about these usage guidelines, please contact

Required Disclaimer Statement and Notice of Agreement

Before using the Marks or initiative language in your materials, review and follow the guidelines carefully. The Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) can disallow or terminate any use of the Marks if used in breach of these guidelines or is inconsistent with the Active People, Healthy NationSM initiative.

Connection to HHS

  • Materials containing the Active People design element or affiliation must include the following disclaimer on the bottom of the first page of the document in 7.5-point bold type font: Active People, Healthy Nation is an HHS service mark. Use of Active People, Healthy NationSM does not imply review, approval, or endorsement by HHS.
  • HHS may require a more specific, signed licensing agreement (or other agreement) when use of the Marks involves a collaborative partnership, co-branding materials, and/or certain widespread use involving the development of products or services.
  • Use of the Marks or initiative language does not constitute a direct or indirect endorsement of any product, company, or service by HHS or CDC. No organization shall, in any way, state or imply that use of the Marks or initiative language constitutes an endorsement.
  • The design element may not be used in a manner that suggests materials containing the design element were created and reviewed by HHS or CDC.
  • Use of the Active People design element does not imply permission for use of any other marks owned by CDC or HHS. Use of the CDC and HHS logos (design elements) requires specific permission and a separate licensing agreement.
  • States, counties, cities, territories, tribal governments and other governmental entities may, with CDC approval and at CDC’s discretion, remove the term “Nation” from “Active People, Healthy Nation” and replace it with the jurisdiction name. The Marks cannot be altered or changed in any other way.
    • The phrase would read as follows: “Active People, Healthy [jurisdiction name here].” All other components of the Marks would remain as is.

Uses and Restrictions

  • To maintain the integrity of the initiative, the Marks may only be used on materials associated with activities related to increasing physical activity and must be consistent with the messages outlined in these guidelines.
  • The Active People, Healthy NationSM word and design element service marks may not be used to advertise, promote, or sell a commercial product or service.
  • Any messages promoting the recommended amounts of physical activity shall be consistent with the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition.
  • When possible, add the Active People, Healthy NationSM URL web address ( to materials to facilitate education about the initiative.

Language About the Initiative

Language in materials about the Active People, Healthy NationSM initiative should be consistent with the following statements:

  • Active People, Healthy NationSM is a national initiative to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027. This initiative promotes effective strategies recommended by the Community Preventive Services Task Force to improve physical activity. CDC, in collaboration with state, community, and national partners, promotes these proven strategies through Active People, Healthy Nation to ensure that all Americans have access to safe and accessible places for physical activity.
  • Increased physical activity can improve health by reducing the risk of at least 20 chronic diseases and conditions and providing effective treatment for many of these conditions. Other potential benefits include better school performance, better quality of life, reduced health care costs, and improved military readiness. Building active and walkable communities can help support local economies, result in less air pollution, and create more cohesive communities.

Visual Standards

  • The superscript “SM” is part of the Active People name and design element. Include SM with the initiative’s name in text on first use only within the document or page.

Active People, Healthy NationSM

Active People, Healthy NationSM Initiative


Active People, Healthy Nation

Active People, Healthy Nation Initiative

  • Use the Active People design element in its entirety. Do not rearrange, remove, or resize parts of the design element
  • Do not add text to the design element or integrate it into a composite design element, name, or slogan of any type.
  • All modifications to the design element require CDC approval, CDC rendering, and the dissemination of the notice of agreement guidelines. Modifications will be limited to state, local, tribal governments and territorial jurisdictions.

Maintain the original colors for all components of the design element or use a solid black version. A reverse (white) design element may be used on dark color backgrounds. The color palette follows:

Active People, Healthy Nation color palette.  Blue CMYK 100/66/0/2, RGB 0/93/170. Teal CMYK 82/0/24/2, RGB 0/77/194. Yellow CMYK 7/37/93/0, RGB 234/167/49. Purple CMYK 48/95/24/6, RGB 142/48/116. Green CMYK 50/0/100/, RGB 141/198/63.
Active People, Healthy Nation. Creating an Active America, Together.
Active People, Healthy Nation. Creating an Active America, Together.
  • Consider using the design element color palette as the basis for all design elements and text in materials containing the design element to achieve a coordinated look.
  • The design element must be at least 1.5 inches wide. Anything smaller compromises legibility. When resizing the design element, maintain the proportions to avoid distortion.
  • Leave adequate clear space around the Active People design element—equivalent to the width of the “N” in “Nation—on all four sides to maintain its visual integrity. The visual element should not appear to be crowded by other elements, graphics, or design elements.
  • Do not place the design element on an angle, place it in a containing shape, or place it on a busy background.
  • Use only high-resolution versions of the design element to maintain image quality. Design element and reverse design elements are provided in EPS, JPG, PNG formats for download or via e-mail.

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