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Cover: APHN Role of Public Health

Active People, Healthy Nation
A national initiative by CDC and its partners. Our goal is to save lives and protect health by helping 27 million Americans become more physically active
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Cover: CDC VitalSigns - More people walk to better health
More People Walk to Better Health
Find out how many Americans are walking their way to better health, and what can be done to make it easier for others to walk.
Cover: Phyisical Activity Builds a Healthy and Strong America

Physical Activity Builds a Healthy and Strong America
This infographic [PDF-3.88MB] outlines the effects inadequate physical activity has on our nation’s health, economy and military readiness. It also emphasizes the many health, safety, and community benefits increased physical activity can offer.

Cover: Physical Activity and Cancer

Physical Activity Helps Lower Your Cancer Risk
This graphic identifies eight cancers you can reduce the risk of getting by engaging in physical activity.

Cover: Health Benefits of Physical Activity for Adults

Health Benefits of Physical Activity
Illustrations of physical activity health benefits for children, adults, and adults 65 and older.

Cover: Unfit to Serve
Unfit to Serve
This infographic describes the impact of obesity and physical inactivity on military readiness and recruitment in the United States. It also discusses ways to create healthier communities that support service member recruitment, readiness, and retention.
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