ACT: Assessment Modules


The Assessment Modules are designed to help users assess the strengths and weaknesses of community plans, policies, and resources for improving community built environments for physical activity.

The modules are best suited for use with a single municipality (also referred to as a community) given that this town or city will have powers of self-governance.

Completing the modules requires input from a cross-sector team. The team may include representatives from public health, land use planning, transportation, traffic engineering, public works, parks and recreation, school districts, public transit systems, or other community stakeholders.

There are six modules designed to help users identify specific opportunities for action, or engagement within their community.  Broad, general questions about whether a plan, policy or process exists are asked first.  These are followed by a series of detailed questions designed to assess the quality and comprehensiveness of the existing plan, policy or process.


The links below are to the static forms.

To access editable forms download the PDF [4.76MB].

Information about each module (e.g., purpose, type of technical expert(s) to involve in completing the module, length of time to complete) is noted on the module cover page and in The Action Planning Guide.

We encourage you to use The Assessment Modules as part of your broader action planning process discussed in The Action Planning Guide.

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