National Vital Statistics System


Deaths From Each Cause by Month, Race, and Sex: United States, 1999-2006

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Worktable IV provides the total number of deaths for each cause by month. Deaths are tabulated by sex and race for white, all other (includes black), and black. Individual cause-of-death category numbers are coded according to the 10th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10). Cause titles are not shown in this table for 1999-2000. For a listing of cause titles for each ICD-10 category number, refer to ICD-10 or Work table I (GMWKI Cdc-pdf[PDF – 3.6 MB]). A number of States did not provide complete confirmation of deaths from infrequent and rare causes. For technical details, see technical appendix.

Page last reviewed: November 6, 2015