National Vital Statistics System


Deaths From 39 Selected Causes by Place of Death, Status of Decedent When Death Occurred in Hospital or Medical Center, and Age: United States, 1999-2005

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Table 307 lists the number of deaths by place of death and by status of decedent when the death occurred in a hospital or medical center. Place of death categories include hospital or medical center, nursing home, residence, other places, and place unknown. Data are tabulated by place of occurrence and include deaths to nonresidents of the United States. Deaths are tabulated by 10-year age groups and by selected causes. Cause titles are not shown in this table. For a listing of cause titles for the ICD-10 codes, refer to Table 9 of instruction manual part 9. A number of States did not provide complete confirmation of deaths from infrequent and rare causes. For technical details, see technical appendix.

Beginning with the 2008 data year, this annual table is no longer produced. Users are directed to CDC WONDER a detailed mortality database. This tool enables users to create tables with the content that was available in previously produced tables.

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