National Vital Statistics System

Instructions for Classification of Underlying and Multiple Causes of Death – Appendix – 2020

Appendix A – Infrequent and Rare Cause-of-Death Edits for Underlying and Multiple Cause-of-Death Classification

A00               Cholera

A01               Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers

A05.1             Botulism (botulism, infant botulism, wound botulism)

A07.0-.2, .8-.9   Other protozoal intestinal diseases, excluding coccidiosis

A08.0             Rotaviral enteritis-less than 5 years of age

A20               Plague

A21               Tularemia

A22               Anthrax

A23               Brucellosis

A24.0             Glanders

A24.1-.4          Melioidosis

A25               Rat-bite fever

A27               Leptospirosis

A30               Leprosy

A33               Tetanus neonatorum

A34               Obstetrical tetanus

A35               Other tetanus (tetanus)

A36               Diphtheria

A37               Whooping cough

A44               Bartonellosis

A49.1             Streptococcus pneumoniae – less than 5 years of age

A65               Nonvenereal syphilis

A66               Yaws

A67               Pinta

A68               Relapsing fever

A69               Other spirochetal infection

A70               Chlamydia psittaci infection (ornithosis)

A75               Typhus fever

A77.1             Spotted fever due to Rickettsia conorii (Boutonneuse fever)

A77.2             Spotted fever due to Rickettsia siberica (North Asian tick fever)

A77.3             Spotted fever due to Rickettsia australis (Queensland tick typhus)

A77.8             Other spotted fevers (other tick-borne rickettsioses)

A77.9             Unspecified spotted fevers (unspecified tick-borne rickettsioses)

A78               Q fever

A79               Other rickettsioses

A80               Acute poliomyelitis

A81               Atypical virus infections of central nervous system

A82               Rabies

A84               Tick-borne viral encephalitis

A85.2             Arthropod-borne viral encephalitis, unspecified (viral encephalitis transmitted by other and unspecified arthropods)

A90               Dengue fever

A91               Dengue hemorrhagic fever

A92               Other mosquito-borne viral fevers

A93               Other arthropod-borne viral fevers including Oropouche fever, sandfly fever, Colorado tick fever and other specified

A94               Unspecified arthropod-borne viral fever

A95               Yellow fever

A96               Arenaviral hemorrhagic fever

A98-A99           Other viral hemorrhagic fevers including Crimean-Congo, Omsk, Kyasanur Forest, Ebola virus, Hanta virus

B01               Varicella (chickenpox)

B03               Smallpox

B04               Monkeypox

B05               Measles

B06               Rubella

B08.0             Other orthopoxvirus (cowpox and paravaccinia)

B15               Acute hepatitis A – less than 20 years of age

B16               Acute hepatitis B – less than 20 years of age

B26               Mumps

B33.0             Epidemic myalgia (epidemic pleurodynia)

B33.4             Hantavirus (cardio)-pulmonary syndrome [HPS] [HCPS]

B50-B54           Malaria

B55               Leishmaniasis

B56               African trypanosomiasis (trypanosomiasis)

B57               Chagas disease (trypanosomiasis)

B60.2             Naegleriasis

B65               Schistosomiasis

B66               Other fluke infections (other trematode infection)

B67               Echinococcosis

B68               Taeniasis

B69               Cysticercosis

B70               Diphyllobothriasis and sparganosis

B71               Other cestode infections

B72               Dracunculiasis (dracontiasis)

B73               Onchocerciasis

B74               Filariasis (filarial infection)

J09               Influenza due to certain identified influenza virus

P35.0             Congenital rubella syndrome

U04.9             Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), unspecified

W88-W91           Exposure to radiation

Y36.5             War operation involving nuclear weapons

Causing adverse effects in therapeutic use:

Y58               Bacterial vaccines

Y59.0             Viral vaccines

Y59.1             Rickettsial vaccines

Y59.2             Protozoal vaccines

Y59.3             Immunoglobulin

Appendix B – Created Codes and Their Complimentary Valid ICD-10 Codes

Created Code    Valid ICD-10 Code

A1690           A169

E0390           E039

G1220           G122

G2000           G20

I2190           I219

I4200           I420

I4210           I421

I4220           I422

I4250           I425

I4280           I428

I4290           I429

I5000           I500

I5140           I514

I5150           I515

I6000           I600

I6060           I606

I6070           I607

I6080           I608

I6090           I609

I6100           I610

I6110           I611

I6120           I612

I6130           I613

I6140           I614

I6150           I615

I6180           I618

I6190           I619

I6300           I630

I6310           I631

I6320           I632

I6330           I633

I6340           I634

I6350           I635

I6360           I636

I6380           I638

I6390           I639

I6400           I64

I6910           I691

I6930           I693

I6940           I694

J1010           J101

J1110           J111

J8490           J849

J9840           J984

K3190           K319

K5500           K550

K6310           K631

K7200           K720

K7210           K721

K7290           K729

M1990           M199

Q2780           Q278

Q2820           Q282

Q2830           Q283

R5800           R58

R97             R99

Appendix C – Geographic Codes

Alabama                AL

Alaska                 AK

Arizona                AZ

Arkansas               AR

California             CA

Colorado               CO

Connecticut            CT

Delaware               DE

District of Columbia   DC

Florida                FL

Georgia                GA

Hawaii                 HI

Idaho                  ID

Illinois               IL

Indiana                IN

Iowa                   IA

Kansas                 KS

Kentucky               KY

Louisiana              LA

Maine                  ME

Maryland               MD

Massachusetts          MA

Michigan               MI

Minnesota              MN

Mississippi            MS

Missouri               MO

Montana                MT

Nebraska               NE

Nevada                 NV

New Hampshire          NH

New Jersey             NJ

New Mexico             NM

New York               NY

North Carolina         NC

North Dakota           ND

Ohio                   OH

Oklahoma               OK

Oregon                 OR

Pennsylvania           PA

Puerto Rico            PR

Rhode Island           RI

South Carolina         SC

South Dakota           SD

Tennessee              TN

Texas                  TX

Utah                   UT

Vermont                VT

Virginia               VA

Virgin Islands         VI

Washington             WA

West Virginia          WV

Wisconsin              WI

Wyoming                WY

Territories and Outlying Areas

American Samoa                   AS

Federated States of Micronesia   FM

Guam                             GU

Marshall Islands                 MH

Northern Mariana Islands         MP

Palau                            PW

Puerto Rico                      PR

Virgin Islands (US)              VI

US Minor Outlying Islands     UM*

Baker Island

Howland Island

Jarvis Island

Johnston Atoll

Kingman Reef

Midway Islands

Navassa Island

Palmyra Atoll

Wake Island

*Not recognized as a valid USPS State abbreviation

Appendix D – Standard Abbreviations and Symbols

When an abbreviation is reported on the certificate, refer to this list to determine what the abbreviation represents. If an abbreviation represents more than one term, determine the correct abbreviation by using other information on the certificate. If no determination can be made, use abbreviation for first term listed.

A2GDM          class A2 gestational diabetes mellitus

AAA            abdominal aortic aneurysm

AAS            aortic arch syndrome

AAT            alpha-antitrypsin

AAV            AIDS-associated virus

AB             abdomen; abortion; asthmatic bronchitis

ABD            abdomen

ABE            acute bacterial endocarditis

ABS            acute brain syndrome

ACA            adenocarcinoma

ACD            arteriosclerotic coronary disease

ACH            adrenal cortical hormone

ACT            acute coronary thrombosis

ACTH           adrenocorticotrophic hormone

ACVD           arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease

ADEM           acute disseminated encephalomyelitis

ADH            antidiuretic hormone

ADS            antibody deficiency syndrome

AEG            air encephalogram

AF             auricular or atrial fibrillation; acid fast

AFB            acid-fast bacillus

AGG            agammaglobulinemia

AGL            acute granulocytic leukemia

AGN            acute glomerulonephritis

AGS            adrenogenital syndrome

AHA            acquired hemolytic anemia; autoimmune hemolytic anemia

AHD            arteriosclerotic heart disease

AHHD           arteriosclerotic hypertensive heart disease

AHG            anti-hemophilic globulin deficiency

AHLE           acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis

AI             aortic insufficiency; additional information

AIDS           acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

AKA            above knee amputation

AKI            acute kidney injury

ALC            alcoholism

ALL            acute lymphocytic leukemia

ALS            amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

AMA            advanced maternal age; against medical advice; antimitochondrial antibody(ies)

AMI            acute myocardial infarction

AML            acute myelocytic leukemia

ANS            arteriolonephrosclerosis

AOD            arterial occlusive disease

AODM           adult onset diabetes mellitus

AOM            acute otitis media

AP             angina pectoris; anterior and posterior repair; artificial pneumothorax; anterior pituitary

A&P            anterior and posterior repair

APC            auricular premature contraction; acetylsalicylic acid, acetophenetidin, and caffeine

APE            acute pulmonary edema; anterior pituitary extract

APH            antepartum hemorrhage

AR             aortic regurgitation

ARC            AIDS-related complex

ARDS           adult respiratory distress syndrome

ARF            acute respiratory failure; acute renal failure

ARM            artificial rupture of membranes

ARV            AIDS-related virus

ARVD           arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia

AS             arteriosclerotic; arteriosclerosis; aortic stenosis

ASA            acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)

ASAD           arteriosclerotic artery disease

ASCAD          arteriosclerotic coronary artery disease

ASCD           arteriosclerotic coronary disease

ASCHD          arteriosclerotic coronary heart disease

ASCRD          arteriosclerotic cardiorenal disease

ASCVA          arteriosclerotic cerebrovascular accident

ASCVD          arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease

ASCVR          arteriosclerotic cardiovascular renal disease

ASCVRD         arteriosclerotic cardiovascular renal disease

ASD            atrial septal defect

ASDHD          arteriosclerotic decompensated heart disease

ASHCVD         arteriosclerotic hypertensive cardiovascular disease

ASHD           arteriosclerotic heart disease; atrioseptal heart defect

ASHHD          arteriosclerotic hypertensive heart disease

ASHVD          arteriosclerotic hypertensive vascular disease

ASO            arteriosclerosis obliterans

ASPVD          arteriosclerotic peripheral vascular disease

ASVD           arteriosclerotic vascular disease

ASVH(D)        arteriosclerotic vascular heart disease

AT             atherosclerosis; atherosclerotic; atrial tachycardia; antithrombin

ATC            all-terrain cycle

ATN            acute tubular necrosis

ATS            arteriosclerosis

ATSHD          arteriosclerotic heart disease

ATV            all-terrain vehicle

AUL            acute undifferentiated leukemia

AV             arteriovenous; atrioventricular; aortic valve

AVF            arterio-ventricular fibrillation; arteriovenous fistula

AVH            acute viral hepatitis

AVNRT          atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia

AVP            aortic valve prosthesis

AVR            aortic valve replacement

AVRT           atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia

AWMI           anterior wall myocardial infarction

AZT            azidothymidine

BA             basilar artery; basilar arteriogram; bronchial asthma

B&B            bronchoscopy and biopsy

BBB            bundle branch block

B&C            biopsy and cauterization

BCE            basal cell epithelioma

BE             barium enema

BEH            benign essential hypertension

BGL            Bartholin gland

BKA            below knee amputation

BL             bladder; bucolingual; blood loss; Burkitt lymphoma

BMR            basal metabolism rate

BNA            bladder neck adhesions

BNO            bladder neck obstruction

BOMSA          bilateral otitis media serous acute

BOMSC          bilateral otitis media serous chronic

BOW            ‘bag of water’ (membrane)

B/P, BP        blood pressure

BPH            benign prostate hypertrophy

BSA            body surface area

BSO            bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

BSP            Bromosulfaphthalein (test)

BTL            bilateral tubal ligation

BUN            blood, urea, and nitrogen test

BVL            bilateral vas ligation

B&W            Baldy-Webster suspension (uterine)

BX             biopsy

BX CX          biopsy cervix

Ca             cancer

CA             cancer; cardiac arrest; carotid arteriogram

CABG           coronary artery bypass graft

CABS           coronary artery bypass surgery

CAD            coronary artery disease

CAG            chronic atrophic gastritis

CAO            coronary artery occlusion; chronic airway obstruction

CAR            cardiac arrest

CAS            cerebral arteriosclerosis

CASCVD         chronic arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease

CASHD          chronic arteriosclerotic heart disease

CAT            computerized axial tomography

CB             chronic bronchitis

CBC            complete blood count

CBD            common bile duct; chronic brain disease

CBS            chronic brain syndrome

CCF            chronic congestive failure

CCI            chronic cardiac or coronary insufficiency

CF             congestive failure; cystic fibrosis; Christmas factor (PTC)

CFT            chronic follicular tonsillitis

CGL            chronic granulocytic leukemia

CGN            chronic glomerulonephritis

CHA            congenital hypoplastic anemia

CHB            complete heart block

CHD            congestive heart disease; coronary heart disease; congenital heart disease; Chediak-Higaski Disease

CHF            congestive heart failure

C2H5OH         ethyl alcohol

CI             cardiac insufficiency; cerebral infarction

CID            cytomegalic inclusiondisease

CIS            carcinoma in situ

CJD            Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

CLD            chronic lung disease; chronic liver disease

CLL            chronic lymphatic leukemia; chronic lymphocytic leukemia

CMID           cytomegalic inclusion disease

CML            chronic myelocytic leukemia

CMM            cutaneous malignant melanoma

CMV            cytomegalic virus

CNHD           congenital nonspherocytic hemolytic disease

CNS            central nervous system

CO             carbon monoxide

COAD           chronic obstructive airway disease

CO2            carbon dioxide

COBE           chronic obstructive bullous emphysema

COBS           chronic organic brain syndrome

COFS           cerebro-oculo-facio-skeletal

COOMBS         test for Rh sensitivity

COLD           chronic obstructive lung disease

COPD           chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

COPE           chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema

CP             cerebral palsy; cor pulmonale

C&P            cystoscopy and pyelography

CPB            cardiopulmonary bypass

CPC            chronic passive congestion

CPD            cephalopelvic disproportion; contagious pustular dermatitis

CPE            chronic pulmonary emphysema

CRD            chronic renal disease

CREST          calcinosis cutis, Raynaud phenomenon, sclerodactyly, and telangiectasis

CRF            cardiorespiratory failure; chronic renal failure

CRST           calcinosis cutis, Raynaud phenomenon, sclerodactyly, and telangiectasis

CS             coronary sclerosis; cesarean section; cerebro-spinal

CSF            cerebral spinal fluid

CSH            chronic subdural hematoma

CSM            cerebrospinal meningitis

CT             computer tomography; cerebral thrombosis; coronary thrombosis

CTD            congenital thymic dysplasia

CU             cause unknown

CUC            chronic ulcerative colitis

CUP            cystoscopy, urogram, pyelogram (retro)

CUR            cystocele, urethrocele, rectocele

CV             cardiovascular; cerebrovascular

CVA            cerebrovascular accident

CV accident    cerebral vascular accident

CVD            cardiovascular disease

CVHD           cardiovascular heart disease

CVI            cardiovascular insufficiency; cerebrovascular insufficiency

CVRD           cardiovascular renal disease

CWP            coalworker pneumoconiosis

CX             cervix

DA             degenerative arthritis

DBI            phenformin hydrochloride

D&C            dilation and curettage

DCR            dacrocystorhinostomy

D&D            drilling and drainage; debridement and dressing

D&E            dilation and evacuation

DFU            dead fetus in utero

DIC            disseminated intravascular coagulation

DILD           diffuse infiltrative lung disease

DIP            distal interphalangeal joint; desquamative interstitial pneumonia

DJD            degenerative joint disease

DM             diabetes mellitus

DMT            dimethyltriptamine

DOA            dead on arrival

DOPS           diffuse obstructive pulmonary syndrome

DPT            diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus vaccine

DR             diabetic retinopathy

DS             Down syndrome

DT             due to; delirium tremens

D/T            due to; delirium tremens

DU             diagnosis unknown; duodenal ulcer

DUB            dysfunctional uterine bleeding

DUI            driving under influence

DVT            deep vein thrombosis

DWI            driving while intoxicated

DX             dislocation; diagnosis; disease

EBV            Epstein-Barr virus

ECCE           extracapsular cataract extraction

ECG            electrocardiogram

E coli         Escherichia coli

ECT            electric convulsive therapy

EDC            expected date of confinement

EEE            Eastern equine encephalitis

EEG            electroencephalogram

EFE            endocardial fibroelastosis

EGL            eosinophilic granuloma of lung

EH             enlarged heart; essential hypertension

EIOA           excessive intake of alcohol

EKC            epidemic keratoconjunctivitis

EKG            electrocardiogram

EKP            epikeratoprosthesis

ELF            elective low forceps

EMC            encephalomyocarditis

EMD            electromechanical dissociation

EMF            endomyocardial fibrosis

EMG            electromyogram

EN             erythema nodosum

ENT            ear, nose, and throat

EP             ectopic pregnancy

ER             emergency room

ERS            evacuation of retained secundines

ESRD           end-stage renal disease

EST            electric shock therapy

ETOH           ethyl alcohol

EUA            exam under anesthesia

EWB            estrogen withdrawal bleeding

FB             foreign body

FBS            fasting blood sugar

Fe             symbol for iron

FGD            fatal granulomatous disease

FHS            fetal heart sounds

FHT            fetal heart tone

FLSA           follicular lymphosarcoma

FME            full-mouth extraction

FS             frozen section; fracture site

FT             full term

FTA            fluorescent treponemal antibody test

FTD            fronto-temporal dementia

5FU            fluorouracil

FUB            functional uterine bleeding

FULG           fulguration

FUO            fever unknown origin

FX             fracture

FYI            for your information

GAS            generalized arteriosclerosis

GB             gallbladder; Guillain-Barre (syndrome)

GC             gonococcus; gonorrhea; general circulation (systemic)

GE             gastroesophageal

GEN            generalized

GERD           gastroesophageal reflux disease

GI             gastrointestinal

GIB            gastrointestinal bleeding

GIST           gastrointestinal stromal tumor

GIT            gastrointestinal tract

GMSD           grand mal seizure disorder

GOK            God only knows

GSW            gunshot wound

GTT            glucose tolerance test

Gtt            drop

GU             genitourinary; gastric ulcer

GVHR           graft-versus-host reaction

GYN            gynecology

HA             headache

HAA            hepatitis-associated antigen

HASCVD         hypertensive arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease

HASCVR         hypertensive arteriosclerotic cardiovascular renal disease

HASHD          hypertensive arteriosclerotic heart disease

HBP            high blood pressure

HC             Huntington chorea

HCAP           health care associated pneumonia

HCPS           Hantivirus (cardio) pulmonary syndrome, Hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome

HCT            hematocrit

HCVD           hypertensive cardiovascular disease

HCVRD          hypertensive cardiovascular renal disease

HD             Hodgkin disease; heart disease

HDN            hemolytic disease of newborn

HDS            herniated disc syndrome

HEM            hemorrhage

HF             heart failure; hay fever

HGB; Hgb       hemoglobin

HHD            hypertensive heart disease

HIV            human immunodeficiency virus

HMD            hyaline membrane disease

HN2            nitrogen mustard

HNP            herniated nucleus pulposus

H/O            history of

HPN            hypertension

HPS            Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome

HPVD           hypertensive pulmonary vascular disease

HRE            high-resolution electrocardiology

HS             herpes simplex; Hurler syndrome

HSV            herpes simplex virus

HTLV           human T-cell lymphotropic virus

HTLV           human T-cell lymphotropic

III/LAV        virus-III/lymphadenopathy- associated virus

HTLV-3         human T-cell lymphotropic virus-III

HTLV-III       human T-cell lymphotropic virus-III

HTN            hypertension

HVD            hypertensive vascular disease

Hx             history of

IADH           inappropriate antidiuretic hormone

IASD           interatrial septal defect

ICCE           intracapsular cataract extraction

ICD            intrauterine contraceptive device

I&D            incision and drainage

ID             incision and drainage

IDA            iron deficiency anemia

IDD            insulin-dependent diabetes

IDDI           insulin-dependent diabetes

IDDM           insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

IGA            immunoglobin A

IHD            ischemic heart disease

IHSS           idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis

IIAC           idiopathic infantile arterial calcification

ILD            interstitial lung disease; ischemic leg disease

IM             intramuscular; intramedullary; infectious mononucleosis

IMPP           intermittent positive pressure

INAD           infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy

INC            incomplete

INE            infantile necrotizing encephalomyelopathy

INF            infection; infected; infantile; infarction

INH            isoniazid; inhalation

INS            idiopathic nephrotic syndrome

IRDM           insulin resistant diabetes mellitus

IRHD           inactive rheumatic heart disease

IRIS           immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome

ISD            interatrial septal defect

ITP            idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

IU             intrauterine

IUCD           intrauterine contraceptive device

IUD            intrauterine device (contraceptive); intrauterine death

IUP            intrauterine pregnancy

IV             intervenous; intravenous

IVC            intravenous cholangiography; inferior vena cava

IVCC           intravascular consumption coagulopathy

IVD            intervertebral disc

IVH            intraventricular hemorrhage

IVP            intravenous pyelogram

IVSD           intraventricular septal defect

IVU            intravenous urethrography

IWMI           inferior wall myocardial infarction

JAA            juxtaposition of atrial appendage

JBE            Japanese B encephalitis

KFS            Klippel-Feil syndrome

KS             Klinefelter syndrome

KUB            kidney, ureter, bladder

K-W            Kimmelstiel-Wilson disease or syndrome

LAP            laparotomy

LAV            lymphadenopathy-associated virus

LAV/HTLV-III   lymphadenopathy-associated virus/human T-cell lymphotrophic virus-III

LBBB           left bundle branch block

LBNA           lysis bladder neck adhesions

LBW            low birth weight

LBWI           low birth weight infant

LCA            left coronary artery

LDH            lactic dehydrogenase

LE             lupus erythematosus; lower extremity; left eye

LKS            liver, kidney, spleen

LL             lower lobe

LLL            left lower lobe

LLQ            lower left quadrant

LMA            left mentoanterior (position of fetus)

LML            left middle lobe; left mesiolateral

LMCAT          left middle cerebral artery thrombosis

LML            left mesiolateral; left mediolateral (episiotomy)

LMP            last menstrual period; left mento-posterior (position of fetus)

LN             lupus nephritis

LOA            left occipitoanterior

LOMCS          left otitis media chronic serous

LP             lumbar puncture

LRI            lower respiratory infection

LS             lumbosacral; lymphosarcoma

LSD            lysergic acid diethylamide

LSK            liver, spleen, kidney

LUL            left upper lobe

LUQ            left upper quadrant

LV             left ventricle

LVF            left ventricular failure

LVH            left ventricular hypertrophy

MAC            mycobacterium avium complex

MAI            mycobacterium avium intracellulare

MAL            malignant

MBAI           mycobacterium avium intracellulare

MBD            minimal brain damage

MCA            metastatic cancer; middle cerebral artery

MD             muscular dystrophy; manic depressive; myocardial damage

MDA            methylene dioxyamphetamine

MEA            multiple endocrine adenomatosis

MF             myocardial failure; myocardial fibrosis; mycosis fungoides

MGN            membranous glomerulonephritis

MHN            massive hepatic necrosis

MI             myocardial infarction; mitral insufficiency

MPC            meperidine, promethazine, chlorpromazine

MRS            methicillin resistant staphylococcal

MRSA           methicillin resistant staphylococcal aureus

MRSAU          methicillin resistant staphylococcal aureus

MS             multiple sclerosis; mitral stenosis

MSOF           multi-system organ failure

MT             malignant teratoma

MUA            myelogram

MVP            mitral valve prolapse

MVR            mitral valve regurgitation; mitral valve replacement

NACD           no anatomical cause of death

NAFLD          nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

NCA            neurocirculatory asthenia

NDI            nephrogenic diabetes insipidus

NEG            negative

NFI            no further information

NFTD           normal full-term delivery

NG             nasogastric

NH3            symbol for ammonia

NIDD           non-insulin-dependent diabetes

NIDDI          non-insulin-dependent diabetes

NIDDM          non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

NSTEMI         non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction

N&V            nausea and vomiting

NVD            nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

OA             osteoarthritis

OAD            obstructive airway disease

OB             obstetrical

OBS            organic brain syndrome

OBST           obstructive; obstetrical

OD             overdose; oculus dexter (right eye); occupational disease

OHD            organic heart disease

OLT            orthotopic liver transplant

OM             otitis media

OMI            old myocardial infarction

OMS            organic mental syndrome

OPCA           olivopontocerebellar atrophy

ORIF           open reduction, internal fixation

OS             oculus sinister (left eye); occipitosacral (fetal position)

OT             occupational therapy; old TB

OU             oculus uterque (each eye); both eyes

PA             pernicious anemia; paralysis agitans; pulmonary artery; peripheral arteriosclerosis

PAC            premature auricular contraction; phenacetin, aspirin, caffeine

PAF            paroxysmal auricular fibrillation

PAOD           peripheral arterial occlusive disease; peripheral arteriosclerosis occlusive disease

PAP            primary atypical pneumonia

PAS            pulmonary artery stenosis

PAT            pregnancy at term; paroxysmal auricular tachycardia

Pb             chemical symbol for lead

PCD            polycystic disease

PCF            passive congestive failure

PCP            pentachlorophenol; pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

PCT            porphyria cutanea tarda

PCV            polycythemia vera

PDA            patent ductus arteriosus

PE             pulmonary embolism; pleural effusion; pulmonary edema

PEG            percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy; pneumoencephalography

PEGT           percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube

PET            pre-eclamptic toxemia

PG             pregnant; prostaglandin

PGH            pituitary growth hormone

PH             past history; prostatic hypertrophy; pulmonary hypertension

PI             pulmonary infarction

PID            pelvic inflammatory disease; prolapsed intervertebral disc

PIE            pulmonary interstitial emphysema

PIP            proximal interphalangeal joint

PKU            phenylketonuria

PMD            progressive muscular dystrophy

PMI            posterior myocardial infarction; point of maximum impulse

PML            progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

PN             pneumonia; periarteritis nodosa; pyelonephritis

PO             postoperative; by mouth

POC            product of conception

POE            point (or portal) of entry

POSS           possible; possibly

PP             postpartum

PPD            purified protein derivative test for tuberculosis

PPH            postpartum hemorrhage

PPLO           pleuropneumonia-like organism

PPROM          preterm premature rupture of membranes

PPS            postpump syndrome

PPT            precipitated; prolonged prothrombin time

PREM           prematurity

PROB           probably

PROM           premature rupture of membranes

PSVT           paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia

PT             paroxysmal tachycardia; pneumothorax; prothrombin time

PTA            persistent truncus arteriosus

PTC            plasma thromboplastin component

PTCA           percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

PTLA           percutaneous transluminal laser angioplasty

PU             peptic ulcer

PUD            peptic ulcer disease; pulmonary disease

PUO            pyrexia of unknown origin

P&V            pyloroplasty and vagotomy

PVC            premature ventricular contraction

PVD            peripheral vascular disease; pulmonary vascular disease

PVI            peripheral vascular insufficiency

PVL            periventricular leukomalacia

PVT            paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia

PVS            premature ventricular systole (contraction)

PWI            posterior wall infarction

PWMI           posterior wall myocardial infarction

PX             pneumothorax

R              right

RA             rheumatoid arthritis; right atrium; right auricle

RAAA           ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm

RAD            rheumatoid arthritis disease; radiation absorbed dose

RAI            radioactive iodine

RBBB           right bundle branch block

RBC            red blood cells

RCA            right coronary artery

RCS            reticulum cell sarcoma

RD             Raynaud disease; respiratory disease

RDS            respiratory distress syndrome

RE             regional enteritis

REG            radioencephalogram

RESP           respiratory

RHD            rheumatic heart disease

RLF            retrolental fibroplasia

RLL            right lower lobe

RLQ            right lower quadrant

RMCA           right middle cerebral artery

RMCAT          right middle cerebral artery thrombosis

RML            right middle lobe

RMLE           right mediolateral episiotomy

RNA            ribonucleic acid

RND            radical neck dissection

R/O            rule out

RSA            reticulum cell sarcoma

RSR            regular sinus rhythm

Rt             right

RT             recreational therapy; right

RTA            renal tubular acidosis

RUL            right upper lobe

RUQ            right upper quadrant

RV             right ventricle

RVH            right ventricular hypertrophy

RVT            renal vein thrombosis

RX             drugs or other therapy or treatment

SA             sarcoma; secondary anemia

SACD           subacute combined degeneration

SARS           severe acute respiratory syndrome

SBE            subacute bacterial endocarditis

SBO            small bowel obstruction

SBP            spontaneous bacterial peritonitis

SC             sickle cell

SCC            squamous cell carcinoma

SCI            subcoma insulin; spinal cord injury

SD             spontaneous delivery; septal defect; sudden death

SDAT           senile dementia Alzheimer type

SDII           sudden death in infancy

SDS            sudden death syndrome

SEPT           septicemia

SF             scarlet fever

SGA            small for gestational age

SH             serum hepatitis

SI             saline injection

SIADH          syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone

SICD           sudden infant crib death

SID            sudden infant death

SIDS           sudden infant death syndrome

SIRS           systemic inflammatory response syndrome

SLC            short leg cast

SLE            systemic lupus erythematosus; Saint Louis encephalitis

SMR            submucous resection

SNB            scalene node biopsy

SO or S&O      salpingo-oophorectomy

SOB            shortness of breath

SOM            secretory otitis media

SOR            suppurative otitis, recurrent

S/P            status post

SPD            sociopathic personality disturbance

SPP            suprapubic prostatectomy

SQ             subcutaneous

S/R            schizophrenic reaction; sinus rhythm

S/p P/T        schizophrenic reaction, paranoid type

SSE            soapsuds enema

SSKI           saturated solution potassium iodide

SSPE           subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

STAPH          staphylococcal; staphylococcus

STB            stillborn

STREP          streptococcal; streptococcus

STS            serological test for syphilis

STSG           split thickness skin graft

SUBQ           subcutaneous

SUD            sudden unexpected death

SUDI           sudden unexplained death of an infant

SUID           sudden unexpected infant death

SVC            superior vena cava

SVD            spontaneous vaginal delivery

SVT            superventricular tachycardia

Sx             symptoms

SY             syndrome

T&A            tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

TAH            total abdominal hysterectomy

TAL            tendon achilles lengthening

TAO            triacetyloleandomycin (antibiotic); thromboangiitis obliterans

TAPVR          total anomalous pulmonary venous return

TAR            thrombocytopenia absent radius (syndrome)

TAT            tetanus anti-toxin

TB             tuberculosis; tracheobronchitis

TBC, Tbc       tuberculosis

TCI            transient cerebral ischemia

TEF            tracheoesophageal fistula

TF             tetralogy of Fallot

TGV            transposition great vessels

THA            total hip arthroplasty

TI             tricuspid insufficiency

TIA            transient ischemic attack

TIE            transient ischemic episode

TL             tubal ligation

TM             tympanic membrane

TOA            tubo-ovarian abscess

TP             thrombocytopenic purpura

TR             tricuspid regurgitation, transfusion reaction

TSD            Tay-Sachs disease

TTP            thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

TUI            transurethral incision

TUR            transurethral resection (NOS) (prostate)

TURP           transurethral resection of prostate

TVP            total anomalous venous return

UC             ulcerative colitis

UGI            upper gastrointestinal

UL             upper lobe

UNK            unknown

UP             ureteropelvic

UPJ            ureteropelvic junction

URI            upper respiratory infection

UTI            urinary tract infection

VAMP           vincristine, amethopterine, 6-mercaptopurine, and prednisone

VB             vinblastine

VC             vincristine

VD             venereal disease

VDRL           venereal disease research lab

VEE            Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis

VF             ventricular fibrillation

VH             vaginal hysterectomy; viral hepatitis

VL             vas ligation

VM             viomycin

V&P            vagotomy and pyloroplasty

VPC, VPCS      ventricular premature contractions

VR             valve replacement

VSD            ventricular septal defect

VT             ventricular tachycardia

WBC            white blood cell

WC             whooping cough

WE             Western encephalomyelitis

W/O            without

WPW            Wolfe-Parkinson-White syndrome

YF             yellow fever

ZE             Zollinger-Ellison (syndrome)

‘              minute

”              second(s)

<              less than

>              greater than

⬇              decreased

⬆              increased; elevated

c              with

s              without

00 11        secondary to

00 11 to     secondary to

Appendix E – Synonymous Sites/Terms

When a condition of a stated anatomical site is indexed in Volume 3, code condition of stated site as indexed. If stated site is not indexed, code condition of synonymous site.


 Alimentary canal         Gastrointestinal tract


 Body                     Torso, trunk


 Brain                    Anterior fossa, basal ganglion, central nervous

                          system, cerebral, cerebrum, frontal, occipital,

                          parietal, pons, posterior fossa, prefrontal, temporal,

                          III and IV ventricle

                          NOTE:  Do not use brain when ICD provides for CNS

                                 under the reported condition.


 Cardiac                  Heart


 Chest                    Thorax


 Geriatric                Senile


 Greater sac              Peritoneum


 Hepatic                  Liver


 Hepatocellular           Liver


 Intestine                Bowel, colon


 Kidney                   Renal


 Larynx                   Epiglottis, subglottis, supraglottis, vocal cords


 Lesser sac               Peritoneum


 Nasopharynx, pharynx     Throat


 Pulmonary                Lung


 Right\left hemispheric   Code brain


 Hemispheric NOS          Do not assume brain


 Right\left ventricle     Heart


 Third\fourth ventricle   Brain


 LLL, LUL, RLL, RML, RUL  Lobes of the lungs when reported with lobectomy,

                          pneumonia, etc.


Appendix F – Invalid and Substitute Codes

The following categories are invalid for underlying cause coding in the United States registration areas. Substitute code(s) for use in underlying cause coding appears to the right.

Use the substitute codes when conditions classifiable to the following codes are reported:


 Invalid Codes  Substitute Codes


 A150-A153      A162


 A154           A163


 A155           A164


 A156           A165


 A157           A167


 A158           A168


 A159           A169


 A160-A161      A162


 B95-B97 Code the disease(s) classified

         to other chapters modified by

         the organism. Do not enter a

         code for the organism.


 F70.-          F70 (3-characters only)


 F71.-          F71 (3-characters only)


 F72.-          F72 (3-characters only)


 F73.-          F73 (3-characters only)


 F78.-          F78 (3-characters only)


 F79.-          F79 (3-characters only)


 I151-I158      R99


 I23.-          I21 or I22


 I240           I21 or I22


 I252           I258


 I65-I66        I63


 O08.-          O00 – O07


 O80.-          O95


 O81-O84        O759


 P95            P969


 R69            R95-R99


Appendix G – Codes for Special Purposes (U00-U99)

Provisional assignment of new codes (U00-U99)

  1. Terrorism Classification (*U01-*U03)

NCHS has developed a set of new codes within the framework of the ICD that will allow the identification of deaths from terrorism reported on death certificates through the National Vital Statistics System. Terrorism-related ICD-10 codes for mortality have been assigned to the “U” category which has been designated by WHO for use by individual countries. The asterisk preceding the alphanumeric code indicates the code was introduced by the United States and is not officially part of the ICD.

To classify a death as terrorist-related, it is necessary for the incident to be designated as such by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Neither a medical examiner nor a coroner who would be completing/certifying the death certificate, nor the nosologist coding the death certificate would determine that an incident is an act of terrorism. If an incident or event is confirmed by the FBI as terrorism, it may be so described on the certificate. If the incident is confirmed as terrorism after the death certificate is completed, the certificate can be recoded at a later date.

Not to be used unless notified by NCHS

Tabular List

Assault (homicide)


*U01           Terrorism

Includes:    assault-related injuries resulting from the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a Government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives

*U01.0        Terrorism involving explosion of marine weapons


Marine mine

Mine NOS, at sea or in harbor

Sea-based artillery shell


Underwater blast

*U01.1        Terrorism involving destruction of aircraft

Includes:    aircraft used as a weapon


  • burned
  • exploded
  • shot down

Crushed by falling aircraft

*U01.2        Terrorism involving other explosives and fragments

Antipersonnel bomb (fragments)

Blast NOS

Explosion (of):

  • NOS
  • artillery shell
  • breech-block
  • cannon block
  • mortar bomb
  • munitions being used in terrorism
  • own weapons

Fragments from:

  • artillery shell
  • bomb
  • grenade
  • guided missile
  • land-mine
  • rocket
  • shell
  • shrapnel

Mine NOS

*U01.3        Terrorism involving fires, conflagration and hot substances

Asphyxia           originating from fire caused directly

Burns              by fire-producing device or indirectly

Other injury       by any conventional weapon

Petrol bomb

Collapse of

Fall from

Falling from       burning building or structure

Hit by object

Jump from



Melting            of fittings or furniture


*U01.4        Terrorism involving firearms


  • carbine
  • machine gun
  • pistol
  • rifle
  • rubber (rifle)

Pellets (shotgun)

*U01.5        Terrorism involving nuclear weapons

Blast effects

Exposure to ionizing radiation from nuclear weapon

Fireball effects


Other direct and secondary effects of nuclear weapons

*U01.6        Terrorism involving biological weapons




*U01.7        Terrorism involving chemical weapons

Gases, fumes and chemicals:

  • Hydrogen cyanide
  • Phosgene
  • Sarin

*U01.8        Terrorism, other specified


Battle wounds

Drowned in terrorist operations NOS

Piercing or stabbing object injuries

*U01.9        Terrorism, unspecified

*U02           Sequelae of terrorism

Intentional self-harm (suicide)


*U03           Terrorism

*U03.0        Terrorism involving explosions and fragments

Includes:    destruction of aircraft used as a weapon


  • burned
  • exploded
  • shot down

Antipersonnel bomb (fragments)

Blast NOS

Explosion (of):

  • NOS
  • artillery shell
  • breech-block
  • cannon block
  • mortar bomb
  • munitions being used in terrorism
  • own weapons

Fragments from:

  • artillery shell
  • bomb
  • grenade
  • guided missile
  • land-mine
  • rocket
  • shell
  • shrapnel

Mine NOS

*U03.9        Terrorism by other and unspecified means


SECTION II – External causes of injury


– blast in terrorism U01.2

Asphyxia, asphyxiation

– by

– – chemical in terrorism U01.7

– – fumes in terrorism (chemical weapons) U01.7

– – gas (see also Table of drugs and chemicals)

– – – in terrorism (chemical weapons) U01.7

– from

– – fire (see also Exposure, fire)

– – – in terrorism U01.3


– terrorist NEC U01.9

Bayonet wound

– in

– – terrorism U01.8

Blast (air) in terrorism U01.2

– from nuclear explosion U01.5

– underwater U01.0

Burn, burned, burning (by) (from) (on)

– chemical (external) (internal)

– – in terrorism (chemical weapons) U01.7

– in terrorism (from fire-producing device) NEC U01.3

– – nuclear explosion U01.5

– – petrol bomb U01.3

Casualty (not due to war) NEC

– terrorism U01.9


– building

– – burning (uncontrolled fire)

– – – in terrorism U01.3

– structure

– – burning (uncontrolled fire)

– – – in terrorism U01.3


– aircraft (powered)

– – in terrorism U01.1


– by, in

– – falling

– – – aircraft

– – – – in terrorism U01.1

Cut, cutting (any part of body) (by) (see also Contact, with, by object or machine)

– terrorism U01.8


– in

– – terrorism U01.8

Effect(s) (adverse) of

– nuclear explosion or weapon in terrorism (blast) (direct) (fireball) (heat) (radiation)

(secondary) U01.5

Explosion (in) (of) (on) (with secondary fire)

– terrorism U01.2

Exposure to

– fire (with exposure to smoke or fumes or causing burns, or secondary explosion)

– – in, of, on, starting in

– – – terrorism (by fire-producing device) U01.3

– – – – fittings or furniture (burning building) (uncontrolled fire) U01.3

– – – – from nuclear explosion U01.5

Fall, falling

– from, off

– – building

– – – burning (uncontrolled fire)

– – – – in terrorism U01.3

– – structure NEC

– – – burning (uncontrolled fire)

– – – – in terrorism U01.3

Fireball effects from nuclear explosion in terrorism U01.5

Heat (effects of) (excessive)

– from

– – nuclear explosion in terrorism U01.5

Infection, infected (opportunistic)

– coronavirus NEC

– – severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) U04.9

Injury, injured NEC

– by, caused by, from

– – terrorism – see Terrorism

– due to

– – terrorism – see Terrorism

Jumped, jumping

– from

– – building (see also Jumped, from, high place)

– – – burning (uncontrolled fire)

– – – – in terrorism U01.3

– – structure (see also Jumped, from, high place)

– – – burning (uncontrolled fire)

– – – – in terrorism U01.3

Poisoning (by) (see also Table of drugs and chemicals)

– in terrorism (chemical weapons) U01.7

Radiation (exposure to)

– in

– – terrorism (from or following nuclear explosion) (direct) (secondary) U01.5

– – – laser(s) U01.8

– laser(s)

– – in terrorism U01.8

Sequelae (of)

– in terrorism U02

Shooting, shot (see also Discharge, by type of firearm)

– in terrorism U01.4

Struck by

– bullet (see also Discharge, by type of firearm)

– – in terrorism U01.4

– missile

– – in terrorism – see Terrorism, missile

– object

– – falling

– – – from, in, on

– – – – building

– – – – – burning (uncontrolled fire)

– – – – – – in terrorism U01.3

Suicide, suicidal (attempted) (by)

– explosive(s) (material)

– – in terrorism U03.0

– in terrorism U03.9

Terrorism (by) (in) (injury) (involving) U01.9

– air blast U01.2

– aircraft burned, destroyed, exploded, shot down U01.1

– – used as a weapon U01.1

– anthrax U01.6

– asphyxia from

– – chemical (weapons) U01.7

– – fire, conflagration (caused by fire-producing device) U01.3

– – – from nuclear explosion U01.5

– – gas or fumes U01.7

– bayonet U01.8

– biological agents (weapons) U01.6

– blast (air) (effects) U01.2

– – from nuclear explosion U01.5

– – underwater U01.0

– bomb (antipersonnel) (mortar) (explosion) (fragments) U01.2

– – petrol U01.3

– bullet(s) (from carbine, machine gun, pistol, rifle, rubber (rifle), shotgun) U01.4

– burn from

– – chemical U01.7

– – fire, conflagration (caused by fire-producing device) U01.3

– – – from nuclear explosion U01.5

– – gas U01.7

– burning aircraft U01.1

– chemical (weapons) U01.7

– cholera U01.6

– conflagration U01.3

– crushed by falling aircraft U01.1

– depth-charge U01.0

– destruction of aircraft U01.1

– disability as sequelae one year or more after injury U02

– drowning U01.8

– effect (direct) (secondary) of nuclear weapon U01.5

– – sequelae U02

– explosion (artillery shell) (breech-block) (cannon block) U01.2

– – aircraft U01.1

– – bomb (antipersonnel) (mortar) U01.2

– – – nuclear (atom) (hydrogen) U01.5

– – depth-charge U01.0

– – grenade U01.2

– – injury by fragments (from) U01.2

– – land-mine U01.2

– – marine weapon(s) U01.0

– – mine (land) U01.2

– – – at sea or in harbor U01.0

– – – marine U01.0

– – missile (explosive) (guided) NEC U01.2

– – munitions (dump) (factory) U01.2

– – nuclear (weapon) U01.5

– – other direct and secondary effects of U01.5

– – own weapons U01.2

– – sea-based artillery shell U01.0

– – torpedo U01.0

– exposure to ionizing radiation from nuclear explosion U01.5

– falling aircraft U01.1

– fire or fire-producing device U01.3

– firearms U01.4

– fireball effects from nuclear explosion U01.5

– fragments from artillery shell, bomb NEC, grenade, guided missile, land-mine, rocket,

shell, shrapnel U01.2

– gas or fumes U01.7

– grenade (explosion) (fragments) U01.2

– guided missile (explosion) (fragments) U01.2

– – nuclear U01.5

– heat from nuclear explosion U01.5

– hot substances U01.3

– hydrogen cyanide U01.7

– land-mine (explosion) (fragments) U01.2

– laser(s) U01.8

– late effect (of) U02

– lewisite U01.7

– lung irritant (chemical) (fumes) (gas) U01.7

– marine mine U01.0

– mine U01.2

– – at sea U01.0

– – in harbor U01.0

– – land (explosion) (fragments) U01.2

– – marine U01.0

– missile (explosion) (fragments) (guided) U01.2

– – marine U01.0

– – nuclear U01.5

– mortar bomb (explosion) (fragments) U01.2

– mustard gas U01.7

– nerve gas U01.7

– nuclear weapons U01.5

– pellets (shotgun) U01.4

– petrol bomb U01.3

– piercing object U01.8

– phosgene U01.7

– poisoning (chemical) (fumes) (gas) U01.7

– radiation, ionizing from nuclear explosion U01.5

– rocket (explosion) (fragments) U01.2

– saber, sabre U01.8

– sarin U01.7

– screening smoke U01.7

– sequelae effect (of) U02

– shell (aircraft) (artillery) (cannon) (land-based) (explosion) (fragments) U01.2

– – sea-based U01.0

– shooting U01.4

– – bullet(s) U01.4

– – pellet(s) (rifle) (shotgun) U01.4

– shrapnel U01.2

– smallpox U01.6

– stabbing object(s) U01.8

– submersion U01.8

– torpedo U01.0

– underwater blast U01.0

– vesicant (chemical) (fumes) (gas) U01.7

– weapon burst U01.2

            Date of death 9/11/2001

            I   (a) Burns                                                         T300

                 (b) Terrorist attack on the Pentagon                   U011


Homicide      The Pentagon         Date of injury 9/11/2001

Code as terrorism involving destruction of aircraft. The FBI declared the Pentagon incident an act of terrorism.

            Date of death 9/11/2001

            I    (a) Chest trauma                                              S299


            II  World Trade Center Disaster                               U011

Homicide      World Trade Center          Date of injury 9/11/2001

Code as terrorism involving destruction of aircraft. The FBI declared the World Trade Center incident an act of terrorism.

            Date of death 11/1/2017

            I    (a) Metastatic lung Cancer caused by 9/11: terrorist attack     C349

                 (b) First responder at World Trade Center                             T941   U02


Code as sequela of terrorism. The FBI declared the 9/11 World Trade Center incident an act of terrorism.

  1. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome [SARS] (U04)

Tabular List

U04             Severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS]

U04.9          Severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS], unspecified

SECTION I – Alphabetical index to diseases and nature of injury


– respiratory

– – severe acute U04.9

– severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) U04

  1. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) 2019 (U07.1)

Tabular List

U07 Codes for emergency use

U07.1 COVID-19

Excludes:          Coronavirus infection, unspecified site (B34.2)

                             Severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS], unspecified (U04.9)

SECTION I – Alphabetical index to diseases and nature of injury

Coronavirus Disease 2019 U07.1

COVID-19 U07.1


– Coronavirus 2019  U07.1


– Coronavirus

– – 2019 novel U07.1

– – unspecified site B34.2

– – when referring to COVID-19 U07.1

SARS-CoV-2 U07.1

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2019 U07.1

2019-nCoV U07.1

2019 novel coronavirus U07.1

Ia) Acute respiratory distress syndrome                                       J80

  1. b) PneumoniaJ189
  2. c) COVID-19U071

Code the COVID -19 to U071.

Ia) Acute hypoxic respiratory failure                               J960

  1. b) Pneumonia with coronavirus disease 2019J189 U071

II Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease                     J449

Code coronavirus disease 2019 to U071.

Appendix H – List of conditions that can cause diabetes

Acceptable sequences for diabetes “due to” other diseases


 Type of Diabetes    Due to


 E10                 B25.2








 E11                 E24









 E12                 E40-E46





 E13                 B25.2



                     C78.8 (pancreas only)










































 E14                 B25.2



                     C78.8 (pancreas only)














































Appendix I – Guidance in Certain External Categories

  1. General Guidelines in coding Legal Intervention (Y35)

There are very few guidelines offered in the Classification for addressing Legal Interventions and it can be very difficult to determine when these categories are appropriate. To aid in classifying these types of records, apply the general interpretations below:

General Guidelines

 When alcohol or drug poisoning is reported in addition to a legal intervention event, do not apply the legal intervention concept to the poisoning; code according to the usual guidelines

NOTE: If the Manner of Death is marked Homicide, disregard and code poisoning as Accidental.

 When a police chase results in death to the person(s) being chased, code as a legal intervention death; when a police chase results in death to an innocent bystander, do not apply the legal intervention concept to the bystander

 When a decedent kills themselves and police are mentioned on the record, do not apply the legal intervention concept; code according to the usual guidelines.

 When a ‘suicide by cop’ is reported, code as a legal intervention death according to the circumstances described

            I    (a) Gunshot wounds to chest                    S219  Y350

                 (b) Massive trauma to internal organs        T148


            II   Lethal dose of methamphetamine              T436   X41

Homicide      Justifiable homicide by law enforcement

Code to Y350, Legal intervention involving firearm discharge.

            I    (a) Asphyxia due to drowning                   T751   Y356

                 (b)                                                         T751


            II                                                                T751

Accident       Drowning in river while fleeing police

Code to Y356, Legal intervention involving other specified means.

            I    (a) Contact gunshot wound to chest           S219   X72



            II                                                                 T141

Suicide         Shot self with handgun during police standoff

Code to X72, Intentional self-harm by handgun discharge.

  1. Restraint

Restraint can be seen reported in conjunction with drug intoxication or a mental health crisis. When reported as a means of limiting another’s physical movement, code restraint only when reported with a resulting injury such as asphyxia, suffocation, etc.



 When                    Is reported on the  Code

                         record with


 A threat to breathing

 term such as:           restraint           the asphyxia, strangulation, suffocation

 asphyxia                                    T71 followed by the appropriate external

 strangulation                               cause code for the restraint



            I    (a) Restraint asphyxia with methamphetamine intoxication      T71    X58    T436   X41



           II                                                                                           T71    T436

Accident       Asphyxiated after being restrained while intoxicated on methamphetamine

Code to X58, Exposure to other specified factors.

            I    (a) Cardiac arrhythmia during police restraint           I499

                 (b) Heart enlargement from hypertension

                 (c) Alcohol dependence, cocaine abuse,                   I517

                 (d)    and schizophrenia                                         I10

                 (e)                                                                       F102    F141    F209

            II                                                                             T149    Y356

Homicide      Altercation with police

Code to Y356, Legal intervention involving other specified means.



 When                      Is reported on the  Code

                           record with


                                               T17 plus appropriate fourth character.

 aspiration NOS            restraint           Also, code the appropriate W78, W79,

                                               W80 if not previously coded


                                               e-code for restraint where reported

 aspiration of substances

 or objects


         I    (a) Aspiration of vomitus during prone restraint      T179   W78

               (b) Methamphetamine intoxication                        Y356

               (c)                                                                     T436   X41


Homicide      Arrested and taken to jail. Restrained by law enforcement officers in jail.

Code I(a) as indexed. No ampersand is needed for the aspiration since it is due to another external cause. Reformat restraint down to line (b) to accommodate the format term “during”. Code Y356 for restrained by law enforcement officers. Code drug poisoning on line (c).

           I    (a) Sudden cardiac death while being restrained       I461

                 (b)       during struggle


           II   Mixed drug intoxication; epilepsy; obesity                T509   X85    G409   E669   R55    R451

Homicide      Collapsed after agitated behavior while being controlled by restraint protocol

Code to X85, Assault by drugs, medicaments and biological substances.

Appendix J – COVID-19 Decision Tables

Table D



A040 – A050 Address


A052 – A099 Address


A240 – A269 Address


A280 – A289 Address


A310 – A329 Address


A400 – A699 Address


A740 – A749 Address


A812 – A819 Address


A870 – A89 Address


A930 – A94 Address


A968 – A969 Address


A99 – B029 Address


B07 – B159 Address


B172 – B178 Address


B188 – B199 Address


B250 – B259 Address


B270 – B49 Address


B580 – B89 Address


B948 – B949 Address


B99 Address


D500 – D65 Address


D683 – D899 Address


E15 Address


E161 – E162 Address


E200 – E649 Address


E750 – E753 Address


E755 – E756 Address


E769 – E790 Address


E830 – E839 Address


E853 – E882 Address


E888 – E889 Address


F010 – G969 Address


G98 Address


H000 – H579 Address


H600 – H939 Address


I200 – I249 Address


I258 Address


I260 – I698 Address


I710 – I959 Address


I99 – J069 Address


J120 – J949 Address


J960 – K909 Address


K920 – M959 Address


M990 – N98 9 Address


P000 – P969 Address


R000 – R749 Address


R760 – R99


U071 Address


W78 – W84 Address


Table E



A083 – A085 Address

DS U071

A327 Address

DS U071

A400 – A419 Address

DS U071

A427 Address

DS U071

B007 Address

DS U071

B342 Address

SMP U071

B349 Address

SMP U071

B377 Address

DS U071

G039 Address

DS U071

G048 – G049 Address

DS U071

G319 Address

DS U071

G931 – G932 Address

DS U071

G934 Address

DS U071

G935 – G936 Address

DS U071

G938 Address

DS U071

H660 Address

DS U071

H669 Address

DS U071

I260 – I269 Address

DS U071

I409 Address

DS U071

I514 Address

DS U071

J110 – J118 Address

SMP U071

J120 – J168 Address

DS U071

J180 – J189 Address

DS U071

J22 Address

DS U071

J320 – J329 Address

DS U071

J690 Address

DS U071

J698 Address

DS U071

J81 Address

DS U071

J984 Address

DS U071

K290 – K291 Address

DS U071

K296 – K299 Address

DS U071

K529 Address

DS U071

K920 – K922 Address

DS U071

L890 – L899 Address

DS U071

N300 – N303 Address

DS U071

N308 – N309 Address

DS U071

R042 – R048 Address

DS U071

R05 Address

DS U071

R11 Address

DS U071

R291 Address

DS U071

W78 – W80 Address

DS U071

W84 Address

DS U071

Y400 – Y840 Address

DS U071

i Similar terms include modifiers such as many, numerous, recurrent, repeated, serial, series, or several.