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Study Additional NTDs

CDC is developing better tools and approaches to control and eliminate additional Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). These NTDs are comprised of 11 diseases that currently are not the target of consistent mass drug administration (MDA) or other control programs. CDC is participating in international efforts to address gaps in disease control efforts.

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CDC in action:

  • CDC staff members are studying Chagas disease to: understand basic epidemiology of the disease in Peru so we can best design control methods, develop guinea pig models to test new drugs, better understand congenital (mother-to-child) transmission as it relates to the burden and management of disease, and more effectively treat chronic Chagas disease.
  • CDC has developed a multiplex PCR test that can distinguish between Leishmania species. Previously, the tests to identify species provided results after six to ten weeks; using this new testing method, results are available within two to three days. Once the species is identified, the appropriate treatment can be determined and administered to the patient.