CDC Advancing Global Health Security In Liberia

CDC Advancing Global Health Security In Liberia

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Ebola Outbreak in Liberia: 2014 – 2016

Liberia suffered 10,000+ cases of Ebola and 4,800+ Ebola-related deaths

CDC is working with Liberia to strengthen capabilities in four essential areas:

  • Surveillance Systems to quickly catch outbreaks before they spread
  • Laboratory Networks to accurately diagnose disease and identify new pathogens
  • Workforce Development of frontline staff to identify, track, and contain outbreaks at their source
  • Emergency Operations Centers to coordinate effective response efforts when crises occur

Accomplishments by the Numbers

  • 120+ Frontline officers trained in disease surveillance through the Field Epidemiology Training Program
  • 99% Of health facilities are submitting complete and timely reports for priority diseases on a weekly basis
  • 16 National EOC & 15 county emergency operations centers can coordinate rapid response
  • 4 Laboratories can now test for 10 priority diseases

Guarding Against Future Ebola Outbreaks

4.3 million people now monitored for priority diseases: acute flaccid paralysis; cholera; shigella; rabies; Lassa fever; measles; meningitis; and viral hemorrhagic fever, including Ebola & yellow fever

860 men enrolled in the CDC-supported Men’s Health Screening Program received preventive counseling and testing to help reduce the risk of future outbreaks linked to Ebola viral persistence

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