Protecting U.S. Exports and Jobs Through Health Security

Protecting U.S. Exports and Jobs Through Health Security

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CDC: Protecting U.S. Exports and Jobs Through Health Security

Protecting America’s economy and national security means safeguarding against disease outbreaks. In the fight against infectious diseases, American travel, trade, and jobs are at stake.

Global health security refers to a country’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to public health threats. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) works directly with countries to:

  • Identify and track dangerous disease threats
  • Train healthcare workers to detect outbreaks at the source
  • Respond to outbreaks before they become widespread epidemics and disrupt markets

This work protects overseas demand for exports that support millions of U.S.-based jobs in sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, and natural resource extraction – jobs that are critical to America’s economic well-being.

Global Outbreaks Threaten Americans’ Livelihoods

In 2015, the U.S. exported over $308 billion in material goods and services to CDC global health
security countries*. These exports supported over 1.6 million jobs across America.

CDC works around the world to protect health, contain outbreaks, save lives, and safeguard American exports and jobs.

1.6+M – U.S. JOBS

*CDC builds global health security capabilities in countries through programs like Global Disease Detection and the Global Health Security Agenda.

Source: Cassell CH, Bambery Z, Roy K, et al. Relevance of Global Health Security to the U.S. Export Economy. Health Security; 2017:15(6)

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