Protecting Rwanda's Border Against Ebola


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Protecting Rwanda’s Border Against Ebola

Did You Know?

Over 60,000 people cross the border between Goma, DRC and Gisenyi, Rwanda every day, making it the most trafficked border in Africa.

High population movement and trade between DRC and Rwanda, displacement of Congolese refugees to neighboring countries, and Rwandese returnees from DRC increase the risk of Ebola spread.

Infographic image: Map of Rwanda

What is CDC doing?

CDC supports preparedness and coordination activities, and provides technical assistance and risk communication related to

  • Surveillance
  • Vaccination
  • Laboratory testing
  • Case management
  • Border health
  • Infection prevention and control

More than 50 CDC technical experts have deployed to Rwanda to support the Ministry of Health.

Rwanda vaccinated 3,000 healthcare and frontline workers with the investigational rVSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine between March-July 2019.

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