Research Summaries

Keep up with the latest diabetes and diabetes-related studies with these brief overviews. Each summary provides main points, methods, and findings and includes a link to the article.

Diabetes Management and Education

Reaching Treatment Goals Could Improve Life Expectancy

Reaching treatment goals could help people living with type 2 diabetes increase their life expectancy by 3 years or in some cases by as much as 10 years. Read the summary.

Diabetes Education Is Linked to Improved Self-Care Practices

Adults who receive diabetes education are more likely to follow recommended preventive care practices that lead to better diabetes management. Read the summary.

 Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney Failure Cases Are Increasing

End-stage kidney disease—kidney failure that requires dialysis or a kidney transplant—can lead to disability and early death, is expensive to treat, and cases are on the rise. Read the summary.

Page last reviewed: July 25, 2022