The National Prediabetes Awareness Campaign

An alarming one in three American adults has prediabetes, and more than 84% of them don’t know they have it. The National Prediabetes Awareness Campaign is helping Americans find out their risk for prediabetes. Thanks to the campaign’s unique, lighthearted public service announcements, more than two million Americans have learned their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

One in three adults has prediabetes. It could be you or someone you know.
1 in 3 adults has prediabates. Could be you, your co-pilot, your co-pilot's co-pilot

Prediabetes hits closer to home than you think. One in three American adults has prediabetes—that’s 88 million people. That means it could be you, your co-pilot, or your co-pilot’s co-pilot. Visit DoIHavePrediabetes.orgexternal icon to learn about your risk for prediabetes. (Phase 3 launched in 2018)

A perfect way to spend a minute
84 million americans have prediabates. Even puppy lovers.

Everyone has a minute to spare in their day. These videos offer viewers the “perfect way to spend a minute”: learning where they stand by taking a one-minute prediabetes risk test while also doing something everyone loves—watching adorable animal videos. Viewers are also encouraged to speak with their doctor about getting a blood sugar test if they’re at risk and to visit DoIHavePrediabetes.orgexternal icon to learn more about prediabetes. Ready to check out the PSAs? Consider yourself warned…cuteness overload ahead! (Phase 2 launched in 2017)

No one is excused from prediabetes
86 million americans, maybe even you, have prediabates. Guy-stuck-in-traffic.

Prediabetes is a serious health condition. Most people don’t realize that prediabetes often leads to type 2 diabetes and other significant health problems, such as heart disease and stroke. No one is excused from prediabetes. Visit DoIHavePrediabetes.orgexternal icon to take the test. (Phase 1 launched in 2016)

In 2016, this campaign was developed in partnership with the American Diabetes Association, American Medical Association, and Ad Council. It was the first-ever national campaign to raise awareness about prediabetes in the U.S. Each phase of the campaign consists of witty and engaging public service announcements distributed through thousands of media outlets and channels. The materials and messages encourage people to visit DoIHavePrediabetes.orgexternal icon to find out their prediabetes risk. This website features a short quiz, lifestyle tips, and links to prevention programs across the country that are recognized by CDC as part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Page last reviewed: June 11, 2020