Health Policy and Health Services

Health policy and health services research examines the effect of health policies and system-based approaches on the risks and outcomes of type 2 diabetes for various population groups.

Health Policy and Health Services Study

Natural Experiments for Translation in Diabetes 2.0 (NEXTD-2) Study

Overall Objective
The overall objective of the NEXTD-2 Study is to examine the effect of major population-targeted policies and interventions on diabetes prevention and control. NEXTD-2 is a follow-up to the NEXT-D Study, that evaluated health policies and interventions used by health care systems, businesses, and communities and was mandated by health care legislation as a way to reduce diabetes risk, complications, and health inequalities across broad segments of the US population. The goal of NEXTD-2 is to use the collective input of the network to provide evaluations of natural experiments that guide the evolution of policies and programs to improve diabetes care and prevention.

Funding Agencies

Period of Funding
09/30/15–09/29/2020 (CDC, NIH)
2016—2021 (PCORI)


PCORI funded contracts
www.pcori.orgexternal icon:

  • Mount Sinai Health System: The Impact of Medicaid Health Homes on Patients with Diabetes: study Design and Rationale
  • Tulane University: Louisiana Experiment Assessing Diabetes outcomes (LEAD) study: Impact of a Medicare Reimbursement Policy Supporting Chronic Care Management
  • Penn State Hershey Medical Center:  A Patient-Centered Path to Addressing Diabetes: Impact of Obesity counseling

UCLA- based Central Coordination Center funded by CDC/NIDDK/ & PCORI

Publications from NEXTD-2 Study:

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