Diabetes Awareness Campaigns

Communication campaigns allow the Division of Diabetes Translation to share important information about prediabetes and diabetes with people throughout the U.S. The information promoting awareness, prevention, and management of diabetes is communicated through a broad range of channels including campaign websites, radio, digital and broadcast public service announcements, and social media. Learn more by following the links below and join the conversations online.

The National Prediabetes Awareness Campaign
1 in 3 adults has prediabates. Could be you, your co-pilot, your co-pilot's co-pilot

In 2016, this campaign was developed in partnership with the American Diabetes Association, American Medical Association, and Ad Council. It was the first-ever national campaign to raise awareness about prediabetes in the U.S. Each phase of the campaign consists of witty and engaging public service announcements distributed through thousands of media outlets and channels. The materials and messages encourage people to visit DoIHavePrediabetes.orgexternal icon to find out their prediabetes risk. This website features a short quiz, lifestyle tips, and links to prevention programs across the country that are recognized by CDC as part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDC
your health with Joan Lunden and CDC

Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDC is a successful TV and digital mini-series designed by CDC and CBS Television Stations to educate and inform adults about diabetes. Host Joan Lunden interviews CDC’s Dr. Ann Albright, and other special guests on the latest insights and information about diabetes, prediabetes, and much more.

Page last reviewed: March 29, 2019