Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL/X-10)

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Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Also known as: Clinton Laboratories

Special Exposure Cohort Petition Information

The Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) is a unique category of employees established by the Act (42 CFR Part 83). Claims compensated under the SEC do not have to go through the dose reconstruction process. To qualify for compensation under the SEC, a covered employee must meet specific requirements (e.g., must have at least one of 22 “specified cancers,” and have worked for a specified time period at one of the SEC sites). Classes of employees and work sites can be considered for addition to the SEC through a NIOSH petition process. More information about the Special Exposure Cohort can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Open/Active SEC Petitions

To date, there are no open/active SEC petitions from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL/X-10).

Class(es) Added to the SEC

  • All employees of the Department of Energy, its predecessor agencies, and their contractors and subcontractors who worked in any area at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (X-10) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, from June 17, 1943, through July 31, 1955, for a number of work days aggregating at least 250 work days, occurring either solely under this employment, or in combination with work days within the parameters established for one or more other classes of employees in the Special Exposure Cohort.

    Note: This class was established by Petition 189.

Petitions Qualified for Evaluation

Below is a list of the petitions that qualified for evaluation. Select a petition on the list to view the table for that particular petition.

SEC Petitions Not Qualifying for Evaluation

There were six additional petitions received but did not qualify for evaluation. Five petitions did not meet the minimum petition requirements for evaluation and the other petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.

Worker Outreach Activities

Based on a recommendation from the Advisory Board to provide workers and site experts with opportunities to participate in developing the technical documents used in dose reconstruction, NIOSH established a Worker Outreach Program.

At Worker Outreach Meetings, current and former DOE and AWE employees have opportunities to obtain information about Site Profiles, Technical Basis Documents, and Technical Information Bulletins, and to provide information for consideration and possible use in dose reconstruction. This process is valuable to ensure that the technical documents used in dose reconstruction contain correct and useful information.

Worker Outreach Activities for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL/X-10):

Advisory Board Work Group on Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL/X-10)

This Work Group is responsible for a review of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL/X-10) Site Profile and a review of the Site Profile by the Board’s contractor (SC&A). The Work Group shall consider issues identified by SC&A concerning the Site Profile and shall assist NIOSH and SC&A in the resolution of such issues. The Work Group may recommend to the Board changes in the Site Profile as appropriate.

Work Group Members:

  • Genevieve S. Roessler, Ph.D. (Chair)

  • Josie Beach

  • R. William Field, Ph.D., M.S.

  • Loretta R. Valerio

Meeting Information

  • No meetings have been announced at this time

Technical Documents

If the energy employee’s personal radiation information is incomplete, NIOSH will use other sources to estimate the radiation dose. This may involve using technical documents called Site Profiles, Technical Basis Documents, and Technical Information Bulletins.

Site Profile

  • Introduction pdf icon[38 KB (7 pages)]
    Approved August 11, 2004

  • Site Description pdf icon[1.2 MB (79 pages)]
    Revised August 17, 2007

    Revision Includes: Initiated to add Attributions and Annotations section. Added references and made editorial changes. Incorporates formal internal review comments.

  • Occupational Medical Dose pdf icon[315 KB (29 pages)]
    Revised October 1, 2007

    Revision Includes: Initiated to include Attribution and Annotation section. Incorporates formal internal review comments most of which were editorial and pertained to more than the added Attributions and Annotations section. Table 3-6 had the factor of two removed that was applied to the organ dose values for the ovaries, testes, and uterus. Incorporates formal NIOSH review comments.

  • Occupational Environmental Dose pdf icon[233 KB (41 pages)]
    Approved May 7, 2004

  • Occupational Internal Dose pdf icon[1 MB (73 pages)]
    February 8, 2013

    Revision Includes: Adds new SEC designation to Section 5.1.3 and incorporates definitions and directions for dose reconstruction for claims that are excluded from the 1943 through July 31, 1955, Special Exposure Cohort. Removed Section 5.4 and Attachment B from the text and Table of Contents. Incorporates formal internal and NIOSH review comments.

  • Occupational External Dose pdf icon[688 KB (92 pages)]
    Revised September 10, 2007

    Revision Includes: Initiated to include Attributions and Annotations, Purpose, and Scope sections, and additional references. Made editorial changes. Incorporates formal internal and NIOSH review comments.

Technical Information Bulletins

  • ORAUT-OTIB-0021 Rev-01: External Coworker Dosimetry Data for the X-10 Site pdf icon[208 KB (12 pages)]
    Revised November 7, 2006

    About this Document: Establishes the technical basis to provide information to allow Dose Reconstructors (Health Physicists) to assign doses to workers at the X-10 site who have no or limited monitoring data, based on site coworker data.

    Revision Includes: Approved Revision 01 due to release of ORAUT-OTIB-0052, Rev. 00. Per new document requirements, added a table of contents. This revision results in an increase in assigned dose and a PER is required. This revision also documents minor corrections to Table 2 that do not require a PER.

  • ORAUT-OTIB-0034 Rev-03: Internal Dosimetry Coworker Data for X-10 pdf icon[649 KB (37 pages)]
    Revised May 5, 2014

    About this Document: Establishes the technical basis to assign X-10 internal doses based on coworker bioassay data.

    Revision Includes: Removes the inclusion of the Pilot Plant in Section 4.3.5 and Section 5.2, 1st bullet. Updates references. Incorporates formal internal and NIOSH review comments.

Advisory Board and NIOSH Discussions on Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL/X-10)

The documents listed under this section were prepared by the Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health (or their technical support contractor) or NIOSH. Some of the items listed below are working documents and were developed for discussion purposes only. The documents represent preliminary positions taken on technical issues. Draft, preliminary, interim, and white paper documents are not final positions unless specifically marked as such.

The documents below have been reviewed to identify and redact any information that is protected by the Privacy Act 5 USC §552a and has been cleared for distribution.

Public Comments on Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL/X-10) Documents

How to Submit Comments

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