COVID-19 Information for Health Departments

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This page provides states, tribes, localities, and territories with key resources on COVID-19 vaccination information including operational guidance, funding, reporting, training and more.

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COVID-19 Breakthrough Case Investigations and Reporting
Information and resources to help public health departments and laboratories investigate and report COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases.

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Guide to Vaccinating Essential Workers
A guide to help create a specific plan to arrange locations, providers, and supplies to vaccinate workers.

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Guidance for IHS and Tribal Facilities
Guidance for the transfer and redistribution of allocated COVID-19 vaccine

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Disproportionately Affected Communities
Resources to help build the basis for widespread, equitable COVID-19 vaccination among disproportionately affected communities

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National Forum on COVID-19 Vaccine Resources
Materials and resources to help vaccine practitioners provide COVID-19 vaccine equitably, effectively, and quickly to as many people as possible in communities across the country.

Data Systems
Technical Resources

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COVID-19 Vaccine Community Features
This will be a description of the success stories and how they can help and then we can list them below. Read the features

Page last reviewed: March 19, 2021