Vaccinate with confidence. CDC's strategy to reinforce confidence in COVID-19 vaccines

Vaccinate with Confidence COVID-19 Vaccines Strategy

Three people wearing masks.
Build Trust

Share clear, complete, and accurate messages about COVID-19 vaccines and take visible actions to build trust in the vaccine, the vaccinator, and the system in coordination with federal, state, and local agencies and partners.

Action Steps:

Person sitting in a chair after getting vaccinated pointing at her bandaid.
Empower Healthcare Personnel

Promote confidence among healthcare personnel* in their decision to get vaccinated and to recommend vaccination to their patients.

Action Steps:

*Personnel = All staff working in healthcare settings, including physicians, PAs/NPs, nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, support staff, and community health workers.

Four people wearing masks.
Engage Communities and Individuals

Engage communities in a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive way—using two-way communication to listen, build trust, and increase collaboration.

Action Steps:

  • Empower vaccine recipients to share their personal stories and reasons for vaccination within their circles of influence.
  • Work with health departments and national partners to engage communities around vaccine confidence and service delivery strategies, including adaptation of vaccination provider sites to meet community needs.
  • Collaborate with trusted messengers—such as faith-based and community leaders—to tailor and share culturally relevant messages and materials with diverse communities.
Page last reviewed: February 22, 2021