Partnering for Vaccine Equity

Equity in Adult Vaccination

In 2020, CDC launched a grant program, Partnering for Vaccine Equity. The program provides upwards of $150 million in funding and support to national, state, local, and community-level partners, who are prioritizing reducing the disparities in vaccination access and uptake experienced by racial and ethnic minority groups. Rates of influenza (flu) vaccination have been consistently higher among White adults than adults from racial and ethnic minority groups, who also experience disproportionate rates of chronic diseases.

A latino man and two latino boys in masks showing their bandaids from where they were vaccinated.

CDC’s grant program aims to increase vaccine equity by supporting a wide variety of partners working to increase vaccine confidence and access among racial and ethnic minority groups. As of July 2021, the program supports a total of 19 direct grantees—representing national organizations, medical and professional associations, CDC programs and immunization partners, and other health entities. That funding, in turn, will support

  • Approximately 70 health departments and health centers
  • 64 state, territorial, and local immunization programs
  • Hundreds of community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, universities, non-profits, and local affiliates

These grantees all have the goal of improving vaccine uptake among racial and ethnic minority groups experiencing disparities. The program provides learning and data support to partners, aiding in their decision making and developing communication materials to help mitigate vaccine misinformation and promote vaccine confidence. This work engages trusted messengers to promote vaccine education through culturally and linguistically appropriate messages and builds bridges between communities and vaccination providers. It will continue beyond urgencies of the COVID-19 pandemic and flu season to ensure long-term impact in racial and ethnic minority groups.

The program focuses on three main priority actions:

  • Supporting national and local community organizations through materials to increase access to vaccination opportunities
  • Equipping trusted, influential messengers with culturally and linguistically appropriate content
  • Addressing disparities in vaccination at the community level, driven through partnerships at the national, state, and local levels

The program aims to build a national partner network, provide learning and data support for partners, and develop guides and resources to help the program’s work.

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