Partnering for Vaccine Equity

Partner Network

A woman working at a COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Photo credit: Motoya Nakamura/Multnomah County

CDC’s vision is to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in adult vaccination through partnerships that drive community-level action to support racial and ethnic minority groups. To achieve this vision, CDC has a national partner network of more than 500 national, state, and local entities to support vaccine confidence and uptake activities at the community level.

The partner network—centered around providing direct support to local and community groups—engages:

These groups can work together to support vaccination in racial and ethnic minority communities. The network also engages national, state, and community-level partners through the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) programpdf icon. Additionally, Partnering for Vaccine Equity collaborates with state and local health departments, community health centers, media/marketing agencies, and other groups that can play a meaningful role in supporting vaccine confidence and uptake activities at the community level. These partners are working together to identify barriers to vaccination, equip influential messengers, increase vaccination opportunities, and ultimately increase vaccination uptake in communities.

To support this network, CDC is providing partners with group- and peer- learning opportunities, expert coaching, data-informed technical assistance, and other resources to disseminate best practices across the nation. In May 2021, CDC deployed $121 million in funding to the partner network that will expand work in the coming years beyond COVID-19 and flu vaccination to reduce longstanding disparities in adult vaccination in racial and ethnic minority communities.

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