Partnering for Vaccine Equity

Partnering for Vaccine Equity Partner Network

To achieve the vision of equity in adult immunization for disproportionately affected populations, CDC has stood up a national partner network of more than 500 national, state, and local entities to support and inform vaccine confidence and uptake activities at the community level that form the Partnering for Vaccine Equity (P4VE) program. These groups include national organizations, professional associations, foundations, state and local governments, health associations, evaluation-focused organizations, media and marketing organizations, community-based organizations, and more. The network also engages national, state, and community-level partners through the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) program.

To support this network, CDC is providing partners with group- and peer‑learning opportunities, expert coaching, data-informed technical assistance, and other resources to disseminate best practices among partners and across the nation. As of October 2021, CDC has deployed over $156 million in funding to the partner network to expand work in the coming years beyond COVID-19 and flu vaccination to reduce longstanding disparities across other vaccinations.

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Map of P4VE Funded Partners*

Visit our interactive P4VE partner network map to see which partners CDC supports in your area.

Download a static version of the partner map

* The partners described on this page are all funded through the Partnering for Vaccine Equity (P4VE) program, which focuses on racial and ethnic communities. To see a map of the larger portfolio of CDC-funded adult immunization partners that include P4VE partners and partners representing other disproportionately affected adult populations – including older adults, persons in long-term care settings, persons with disabilities, rural populations, persons experiencing homelessness, and other priority groups – view the full map of Vaccine Implementation, Confidence, and Equity Partners.

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