Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

About IIS

Immunization information systems (IIS) help providers, families, and public health officials by consolidating immunization information into one reliable source. The information can then be used to guide patient care, improve vaccination rates, and ultimately reduce vaccine-preventable disease.

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Looking For Immunization Records?

If you need assistance finding an immunization record go to How to Find Your Immunization Record.

IIS Standards

CDC maintains a variety of resources to support consistent IIS capability, high-quality immunization data for action, and interoperability of IISs with other systems. Resources include:

Immunization Gateway

The Immunization (IZ) Gateway is a secure, cloud-based message routing service that enables the exchange of immunization data among jurisdiction IIS, multi-jurisdictional vaccine provider systems, and consumer access products.  Data exchange via the Immunization Gateway can improve immunization data access, completeness, and timeliness.