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MIROW: Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup

What’s New?

AIRA 2017 National Meeting
April 11-13, 2017
Chicago, IL

NCIRD in partnership with the American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) is working on an initiative directed at the analysis and improvement of Immunization Information System (IIS) operations. The Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup (MIROW) was formed to conduct this work. The goal of this effort is to develop best practice recommendations for IIS operations and processes. It uses a collaborative approach, leveraging Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the IIS community to identify and analyze current practices and in a focused, structured process reaches consensus on best practices. For more information on MIROW, see the below resources:

Recent Events

MIROW recently participated in the 2016 AIRA National Meeting in Seattle, Washington. The MIROW Interactive Workshop encouraged participation in gathering feedback for the development of the current topic Consolidated Demographic Record and Vaccination Event Records. The Turn Around Document (TAD) summarizing the session is available here:


Operational Best Practice Guidelines & Related Resources

The following table contains links to the complete MIROW guideline chapters, presentations, and “Mini Guides” that condense and present MIROW chapter content in pamphlet format.

See below for the MIROW Evaluation final report and slides.

Year Chapter Released Chapter # Title Mini Guides & Presentations
2016 9 Decrementing Inventory via Electronic Data Exchange [3.11 MB, 139 pages] DI-v-EDE Mini Guide [8 pages]
MIROW DI-v-EDE Presentation [1.57 MB, 54 pages]
2015 8 Management of Patient Active/Inactive Status in Immunization Information Systems [1.2 MB, 85 pages] Management of PAIS Mini Guide [1 MB, 8 pages]
MIROW 411 Presentation [2.43 MB, 70 pages]
2013 7 Data Quality Assurance in IIS: Selected Aspects [1.1 MB, 113 pages]
2015 Micro Guide – Lot Number Patterns by Manufacturer and Vaccine Table [2 pages]
2014 Micro Guide – Lot Number Validation Best Practices [14 pages]
DQA Mini Guide [6 pages]
DQA Presentation[29 pages]
2012 6 IIS Inventory Management Operations [1.4 MB, 133 pages] Inventory Management Mini Guide [6 pages]
Inventory Management Presentation[21 pages]
2011 5 IIS Collaboration with Vaccines For Children Program and Grantee Immunization Programs [102 pages] IIS-VFC Mini Guide [2 pages]
IIS-VFC Presentation
2009 4 Reminder/Recall in IIS [1.6 MB, 104 pages] Reminder/Recall Mini Guide [1.9 MB, 2 pages]
Reminder/Recall Presentation
2008 3 Data Quality Assurance in IIS: Incoming Data [1.3 MB, 100 pages] DQ Assurance Mini Guide [2 pages]
DQ Assurance Presentation (Washington)
DQ Assurance Presentation (Kansas)
2006 2 Vaccination Level Deduplication in IIS [102 pages] Vaccination Level Deduplication Mini Guide [1.9 MB, 12 pages]
Vaccination Level Deduplication Presentation
2005 1 Moved or Gone Elsewhere (MOGE) Status and other Patient Designations in Immunization Information Systems – Replaced by the 2015 guide Management of Patient Active/Inactive Status in Immunization Information Systems above, number 8. Patient Status Presentation
2005 Pilot project IIS-VAERS Collaboration For Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting [28 pages] VAERS Presentation


MIROW Evaluation

The MIROW Evaluation Final Report is available. Learn how MIROW best practices are being implemented across the country.

In addition, the Evaluation Slides are also available.


Previous Events

MIROW participated in two sessions at the 2015 AIRA National Meeting. The first, MIROW 411 outlined the path to MIROW guideline development and implementation. The second, MIROW 101, was a workshop that encouraged participation in gathering feedback for the development of the current topic Decrementing Inventory via Electronic Health Records. Two presentations and a Turn Around Document (TAD) summarizing the MIROW 101 session are available here:


Who to Contact?

For additional information on MIROW, contact David Lyalin at

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