COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Reporting and Finder System

The VaccineFinderexternal icon website helps people find providers who offer select vaccines. VaccineFinder also allows healthcare providers to list their vaccination locations in a centralized, searchable database and to track vaccine supply. VaccineFinder will serve two roles in the COVID-19 vaccination program:

  1. Inventory reporting (required for all COVID-19 vaccine providers): Providers will report on-hand COVID-19 vaccine inventory each day through VaccineFinder.
  2. Increase access to COVID-19 vaccines (optional for COVID-19 vaccine providers): Once there is enough supply, COVID-19 vaccination providers may choose to make their location visible on VaccineFinder, making it easier for the public to find provider locations that have COVID-19 vaccine available. CDC will direct the public to use VaccineFinder to find locations offering COVID-19 vaccine.

As part of the overall IT infrastructure to support COVID-19 vaccination VaccineFinder sends data to and receives data from the IZ Data Lake.

Page last reviewed: January 6, 2021