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Attention! Users of the 1995 NHIS SETS CD-ROM, Series 10, No. 10

Please be advised that the Year 2000 Objectives file was missing records in the first version of this CD and should not be used for analytical purposes. Users who require the 1995 Year 2000 Objectives file should verify that they have the corrected version of the Series 10 No. 10 CD, which indicates Reissued May 2000 on the CD cover. We will be happy to send out the reissued version of the CD if requested. (The 1995 NHIS ASCII CD Series 10, No. 10A, which also contains this data file, did not contain this omission). Any questions should be referred to the NCHS public inquiries staff at (301) 458-4636 or cdcinfo@cdc.gov


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Problems downloading the NHIS datasets: NHIS Public Use data sets from 1970-2005 with the .exe file type are unable to be extracted on 64-bit computers running Microsoft operating systems. Data users are advised to rename the .exe files as .zip files and the data sets will extract correctly. This workaround is suggested for data years 1970-2005.

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