National Health Interview Survey–Teen

Portrait of a stressed teenaged boy with text: more than 1 in 5 teens have experienced symptoms of anxiety in the past 2 weeks.
Portrait of a pensive teenaged boy with text: 1 in 3 teens were bullied in the past 12 months.
Photo of teenaged girl napping with text: only half of teens report feeling well-rested most or every day.

The National Health Interview Survey–Teen (NHIS–Teen) is an online health survey of teenagers ages 12–17. NHIS-Teen was developed with the input of health and survey experts from both academia and the government, covering a range of health topics.

Study Procedure

Invitations to participate in NHIS–Teen are sent to teenagers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia whose parent or guardian completed the NHIS Sample Child interview and gave permission for their teenager to be invited.  Answers from parents and their children will help paint a picture of the health of teenagers living in the United States.  These data can be used by legislators, policy makers, and health organizations to better understand and serve the health needs of teenagers.

Survey Content

The NHIS–Teen questionnaire contains 95 questions spanning several health topics, including doctor visits, sleep, physical activity, injuries, mental health, social and emotional supports, and experiences with bullying and discrimination.

More Information

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