Questionnaires, Datasets, and Related Documentation

  • Major Changes
    Explains the various changes in data collection technology and alcohol use questions from 1977 to the present.
  • Adult Alcohol Use Questions
    Questions on adult alcohol use can be accessed by clicking on the relevant questionnaires from the List of Questionnaires. Search “alcohol.”
  • Guide for Data Users
    This guide provides links to NHIS alcohol information, including questionnaires, documentation, data file information, SAS/SPSS/Stata input statements, and data sets for each data year in which NHIS alcohol-use and related questions were asked.
  • Drinking Status Recodes
    Describes the history of NHIS drinking status recode that is on the public use data files in selected years and provides SAS code that can be used to create the same recode for data years in which it was not included.