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Injury and Poisoning Questions

The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) is comprised of several questionnaires. Prior to 1997, the NHIS consisted of a family core questionnaire and selected supplements. Since 1997, the NHIS has consisted of Family, Sample Adult, and Sample Child core questionnaires, plus annual supplements that either stand alone or are embedded in the core. In the table below are the names of the NHIS core and supplement questionnaires that contained injury and poisoning questions.

The injury and poisoning questions for 1957-1996 [PDF - 1.4 MB] have been extracted from the original questionnaires for easy reference. The injury and poisoning questions for 1997 to the present are presented in a table to make it easier for users to see the changes that have occurred in the questions from 1997 to the present. The complete questionnaires, of which these are a part, can be accessed using the Guide for Data Users.

NHIS Sections Containing Injury and Poisoning Questions: 1957-present

Data Year Questionnaire Section

1957 - 1996

Condition record – injury questions

1968 (FY and CY)

Family Core – screening question

Motor vehicle supplement


Family Core – embedded supplement


Health Promotion Disease Prevention supplement –

  • Section O – Injury Control and Child Safety and Health
  • Section V – Occupational Safety and Health


Cancer Control Supplement – Occupational Safety – (one prevention
question on work exposure)


Occupational Health Supplement – Prevention/Exposure

Child Health Supplement

  • Section P5 – Childhood conditions
  • Section P6 – Supplemental Conditions
  • Section P7 – General Health Status (1 question on seat belt use)


Health Promotion Disease Prevention Child supplement

  • Section S – Injury Control and Child Safety and Health

Health Promotion Disease Prevention Adult supplement

  • Section Y – Alcohol Use (preventive question on driving when drinking)

Podiatry – (Injury to foot in past 12 months)


Supplement Section B – Unintentional Injuries
Supplement Section D – Child Health supplement (prevention)
Supplement Section I – Occupational Health (prevention)
Supplement Section L – Clinical and Preventive services (prevention)


Cancer Control Supplement Section J – Occupational Exposure

Youth Risk Behavior Survey (self-administered for ages 12-21)


Year 2000 Objectives

  • Section YD – Occupational Safety and Health
  • Section YG – Clinical and Preventive Services


Disability Phase I supplement

Condition records – core injury questions

Functional Limitations (one question on whether/not caused by motor vehicle (MV) accident)

Disability Phase II adult supplement Section H – Assistance with Key

Activities (similar MV question for ADL/IADL limitation, burn/scald while bathing, falls and injuries, injuries while home alone)

Disability Phase II: Healthy Aging supplement – Section G (same questions as in Section H of Adult questionnaire)

Polio Supplement Section when not at physical best – severe injuries

Year 2000 Objectives Section G – Firearm Safety (prevention)


Same questions as in 1994 Disability supplements except no supplement on Healthy Aging


Family Core – Section II – Injuries


Family Core – Section III – Injuries

Adult Prevention Module – Section A. – Injury Prevention

Child Prevention Module – Section C. – Injury Prevention


Family Core – Section III – Injuries


Family Core – Section III – Injuries

Sample Adult Core (ACN) – supplement questions

Sample Child Core (CHS) – supplement questions


Family Core – Section III – Injuries


Family Core – Family Injuries and Poisoning


Family Core – Family Injuries and Poisoning

Sample Adult Core (ACN) – supplement questions


Family Core – Family Injuries and Poisoning