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Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) - National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)


photo collage of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders.The NHIS is the nation’s largest in-person household health survey and is a primary tool for monitoring the health of the nation. The survey collects information on health status and conditions, disability, access to and use of health services, health insurance coverage, immunizations, risk factors, and health-related behaviors. In 2014, about 3,000 households containing one or more NHPI residents were surveyed by NHIS field staff using the NHIS instrument.

The NHPI NHIS is an unprecedented opportunity to collect rich and accurate information about the health of Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in all 50 states. With the information collected, it will be possible for policymakers, community leaders, researchers and health professionals to understand NHPI health problems, strengths, and needs and to plan policies and programs to improve NHPI health and well-being.

A public use data file will be available in 2016. When it is available, an announcement will be sent to the NHIS Listserv, an electronic mail list. To join the list and ensure you receive this announcement, click on the “Listserv” link on the left side of this page and follow the instructions for joining the HISUSERS Listserv.

photo collage of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders and their artifacts.

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If you have other questions or for more information, please contact us at NHPI NHIS.