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The list below shows videos about gynecologic cancers that have been posted on CDC’s YouTube channel.

“Under The Paper Gown”: A Comedy Web Series

Starring Amber Ruffin and Her Sister, Lacey Lamar
When going to the gynecologist, many women feel too embarrassed to voice intimate questions and concerns, preventing them from getting the information and care they need. It’s time for a change. We’ve partnered with comedy host, Amber Ruffin, and her sister Lacey to create a web series empowering women to overcome the awkwardness, and confidently speak up at the gynecologist.

Amber Ruffin with her sister Lacey.

Amber Ruffin is not looking forward to her gynecologist appointment tomorrow. She considers cancelling until her sister, Lacey Lamar, reminds her that doctors aren’t there for judging—that’s what sisters are for.

Dr. Stewart, a gynecologist, talking to Amber and Lacey

While waiting for the doctor, Amber recounts the most awkward gynecologist visit there ever was…her very first. A dumbfounded Lacey assures her sister that while she’ll probably be awkward forever, going to the gynecologist doesn’t have to be.

Amber Ruffin with her sister Lacey at the gynecologist office.

After a night of frantically searching her symptoms online, Amber learns that when something doesn’t feel right in her body, it’s best to step away from the search bar and talk to your doctor instead.

Amber Ruffin talking with her sister Lacey

Amber makes a list of all the questions about women’s health that she’s been too embarrassed to ask over the years. And realizes, maybe her gynecologist is a more credible source than wherever she previously got her information.

Amber playing Scrabble with her friend Jenny and her sister Lacey

In the midst of a heated board game, Amber learns how important it is for her friend Jenny to find a doctor who understands her needs. And Jenny learns how bad Amber is at board games.

Amber Ruffin visiting her sister Lacey at the gynecologist

Amber drops in on her sister Lacey’s gynecologist appointment to impart some of the newfound wisdom and confidence she’s acquired over the past 5 episodes. Learning and growing is a lifelong process for all of us. Remember…it’s your body. Ask questions. Stay informed.

Television Public Service Announcements

These public service announcements (PSAs) were developed by the Inside Knowledge campaign for organizations and individuals to share with local media. They educate women about the five main types of gynecologic cancer: cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar. To request video files, please contact CDC-INFO.

Photo of Cindy

This video tells the story of Cindy, who took action after precancerous cells were found during her routine cervical cancer screening. A shorter version is also available.

Photo of Jasmine

This video tells the story of Jasmine, who made a plan that worked for her when precancerous cells were found during her routine cervical cancer screening. A shorter version is also available.

Image of a family eating together.

This video encourages women to engage their families in conversations on cancer health history to understand their risk for uterine and ovarian cancers.

Ana standing on a representative mountain with multiple shapes.

Ana R. overcame cervical cancer. Watch her inspiring story. A shorter version is also available.

Linda sits on a stool and covers her face with her hands while her husband stands behind her and holds her shoulders.

Learn about Linda’s inspiring journey. A shorter version is also available.

Image of four women looking at artwork shaped like the Inside Knowledge logo

This animated public service announcement discusses the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms of gynecologic cancer. A shorter version is also available.

Knowledge Is Power: Gynecologic Cancer Symptoms

This short animated video encourages women to learn the symptoms of gynecologic cancers.

Knowledge Is Power: Cervical Cancer

This short animated video reminds women that getting screened for cervical cancer helps prevent the disease.

Knowledge Is Power: Ovarian Cancer

This short animated video informs women that ovarian cancer has warning signs; know the symptoms, listen to your body, and see a doctor if you notice anything unusual.

Knowledge Is Power: Uterine Cancer

This short animated video informs women about uterine cancer symptoms; recognizing symptoms helps find this cancer early, when treatment works best.

Cote de Pablo

In this public service announcement, actress Cote de Pablo discusses her cervical cancer scare and shares advice for other women. Other versions available: 60 seconds version B and 30 seconds.

Cote de Pablo

Actress Cote de Pablo, behind the scenes at a video shoot for CDC’s Inside Knowledge: Get the Facts About Gynecologic Cancer campaign. A shorter version is also available.

Print Materials

These materials were developed by the Inside Knowledge campaign for the general public, health care providers, campaign partners, and health organizations. To order printed copies of selected publications, please visit CDC-INFO on Demand.

Note: Content developed by CDC’s Inside Knowledge campaign is available for public use exactly as it is found on CDC’s website, without being changed in any way. If you have questions about how you may use these campaign resources, or if you would like to request print ads or print disks, please call 1 (800) CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) or contact CDC-INFO.

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