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Photo of two digital billboard ads on Times Square in New York City. The top one says: breast cancer runs in families. cdc.gov/BringYourBrave. The bottom one says: Get the Inside Knowledge from CDC. cdc.gov/CervicalCancer.

Digital billboard ads in New York’s Times Square featured CDC’s Bring Your Brave campaign to bring awareness to breast cancer risk in young women, while CDC’s Inside Knowledge About Gynecologic Cancer campaign increased awareness of cervical cancer.

CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (DCPC) is a leader in efforts to prevent and find cancers early and to improve the health of cancer survivors. The division works with other federal agencies to collect data on notifiable cancer cases in the United States and with national organizations and state and local health agencies to help Americans lower their cancer risk by increasing the use of effective cancer prevention strategies and screening tests.

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Improving and Connecting Data to Prevention

Through the National Program of Cancer Registries, data are available for cancer prevalence and survival rates, along with incidence and mortality data at the national, state, and county levels. Data can be viewed easily and quickly in multiple formats using our interactive Data Visualizations tool.

Applying Innovation to Communication

CDC’s use of virtual human technology has led to innovative interactive tools to help cancer patients and providers.