Cancer Survivors

Patients and Survivors
Photo of a cancer survivor

Learn how you can stay healthy during your treatment, and after your treatment is finished.

Cancer Caregivers
Photo of a mother and daughter

Get tips for staying healthy while you support a survivor’s physical and emotional health.

Health Care Providers
Carletta: My Own Best Advocate

CarlettaExternal talks about how knowing her family history of breast cancer made it easier for her to be proactive about talking to her doctor when she noticed changes in her body.

Cancer Survivor Stories

Photo of skin cancer survivor Sharon McKenna

“A tan is not a sign of health,” says skin cancer survivor Sharon McKenna.

Photo of colorectal cancer survivor Robert

“I never would have found it early if I hadn’t been screened,” says colorectal cancer survivor Robert.

Photo of liver cancer survivor Gary

Gary didn’t know he had hepatitis C until he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

CDC works with partners to help the growing number of cancer survivors in the United States. Learn what CDC is doing.

Page last reviewed: October 29, 2018