Guide to Healthy Living: Sexual Health and Intimacy

Wenora’s Story

“I’m going, ’Am I the only woman feeling this way with the super low libido?’” says Wenora, who has survived several kinds of cancer. “Don’t suffer in silence like I did. Talk to your gynecologist or oncologist.”

There is no right way to recover after your cancer treatment is over. Cancer is a disease that can affect many parts of life, including your sexual health. It is important for cancer survivors to work to reestablish their sexual health and intimacy on their road to recovery.

Finding your “new normal” as a cancer survivor is a journey. That’s where this guide comes in. You’ll find expert information, practical tips, and trusted resources that can help you and your health care partners come up with a plan that feels right for where you are today. Let’s get started.

This guide can help you—

Understand what to expect and how to adapt to the “new normal” that comes after cancer as a cancer survivor or partner of a cancer survivor.

Photo of a gay couple

Many cancer survivors have concerns about losing the ability to have children, and struggle with intimacy and body image after treatment.

Photo of a lesbian couple

Even for a couple who has been together a long time, staying connected after cancer can be a challenge at first. An open, honest conversation is key.

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