Resources for Health Care Providers

Photo of a doctor looking at a laptop computer

This course summarizes the relevant literature and existing recommendations to guide clinicians in the equitable prevention, early diagnosis, and special considerations of uterine cancer.

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Talk to someone: explore talking to patients about prostate cancer

This simulation provides a safe and responsive learning environment for providers to practice effective communication techniques for discussing nutrition, physical activity, and obesity risk with cancer survivors. This training will allow providers to be more confident in engaging in these conversations, and in recommending strategies and techniques for maintaining a healthy weight and being active.

Dr. Alter

“Genetic testing may have a ripple effect to other family members for multiple generations,” oncologist Dr. Alter explains in this video about collecting cancer patients’ family health history. “You can actually save a life.”

Photo of a doctor looking at mammography results on an x-ray

This tool is designed to help providers assess risk for early onset breast cancer (EOBC, breast cancer diagnosed in women before the age of 45) based on personal history, make appropriate referrals for follow-up care, and educate patients about risk reduction strategies.