Cancer Prevention Works Newsletter

Cancer Prevention Works

The Cancer Prevention Works newsletter is sent every two weeks. It provides the latest information about activities and accomplishments in CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control.

Latest Issue

February 8, 2019External

  • National Cancer Prevention Month: Inspiring Action
  • World Cancer Day and Beyond: Commit to Cancer Prevention
  • State Colorectal Cancer Screening Intervention Recognized as a Model for Others
  • New Publication on Mammography Use Shows Differences in States and Counties

Recent Issues

January 24, 2019External

  • Cervical Cancer Prevention Featured at CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds
  • Are You Doing What You Can to Prevent Cervical Cancer?
  • Expanding Cancer Data: New Module Provides Districts
  • Data Brief: HPV-Associated Cancers Among American Indian and Alaska Native Populations
  • Helping Women Understand Gynecologic Cancers and Screening

January 10, 2019External

  • Promoting Cervical Cancer Prevention with CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds
  • Get Inspired! Find Your Reason to Quit Smoking
  • Special Issue Publication Highlights Comprehensive Cancer Control: Twenty Years of Progress
  • Knowing Your Family Health History Benefits Your Health

December 13, 2018External

  • New CDC Study Shows Increases in Uterine Cancer
  • Improving Cancer Patient-Provider Conversations on Infection Risk
  • Alcohol and Cancer: Know the Risks
  • New Blog Post Shares How You Have Power in Your Hands
  • 2018 Year in Review: DCPC Resources Making a Difference

November 29, 2018External

  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month Ends But Prevention Continues
  • Getting Physical for Cancer Prevention
  • New CDC Study Looks at Lung Cancer Screenings and Recommendations
  • Colorectal Cancer State Screening Profiles Now Available

November 15, 2018External

  • Let’s Clear the Air About Lung Cancer
  • Using What Works to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Spreading the Word About Hepatitis C and Liver Cancer
  • New Patient-Friendly Resources in Spanish Help Cancer Patients Prevent Infections
  • New Blog Post Shares Hope for Less Lung Cancer
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