CDC’s use of virtual human technology has led to innovative interactive tools to help cancer patients and providers. The list below shows cancer-related simulations.

Talk to Someone: Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
This simulation allows people to have a conversation with Linda, a virtual coach, and ask questions in a safe environment.
Talk to Someone: Alcohol
An interactive conversation about how alcohol can affect your health as a cancer survivor.
Talk to Someone: Tobacco
This simulation explains how smoking affects the body, especially as a cancer survivor, and gives advice about quitting.
Talk to Someone: Anxiety and Distress
This simulation talks about common stresses and concerns for cancer survivors, and how to find support.
Talk to Someone: Physical Activity and Nutrition
This simulation gives tips for cancer survivors to improve physical activity and healthy eating.
Boosting Cancer Recovery
Dr. Wei explains how Linda provides information approved by CDC’s medical experts to encourage healthy behaviors in an empathetic way. Linda builds a foundation of knowledge and motivation so the conversations you have with survivors are more targeted and efficient.
TINA: Talking About Infection and Neutropenia Awareness
This simulation helps educate patients and providers about preventing infections during chemotherapy.
Provider-Education for Mental Health Care of Cancer Survivors Training
This simulation helps improve knowledge about mental health care for cancer survivors and promotes recommended distress screening.