Awardee Highlights

Colorectal Cancer Control Program awardees have found a variety of innovative ways to increase colorectal cancer screening rates in their communities. We share some of their stories.

Photo of a group of doctors and clinic staff members having a discussion in a hospital

Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama, and New Hampshire get more of their patients screened for colorectal cancer by reminding their health care providers when their patients are due for screenings.

Photo of a clinic staff member reviewing patient medical records

Finding several ways to make improvements has a big impact in clinics in Iowa, Illinois, Montana, Rhode Island, California, and Arkansas.

Photo of a doctor talking to a patient

Kentucky, South Dakota, and Virginia got results when health care providers talked to patients about the different colorectal cancer tests available.

Photo of a patient navigator calling a patient on the phone

Using patient navigators to help patients overcome barriers and understand the medical system helps patients in Kentucky and Florida get the screening and follow-up care they need.

Photo of a man talking on a telephone

Calling patients to remind them about appointments and tests can increase screening. See how West Virginia’s program worked with one clinic to increase screening.

Page last reviewed: March 30, 2020