AMIGAS Message Cards

I feel nervous or afraid. Many of us feel nervous or afraid to get screened. The clinic staff can answer any questions we have. It can help us to know what is going to happen.

The message cards are available in Microsoft Word [DOCX-64KB] and PDF formats. [PDF-104KB]

The AMIGAS message cards were made with information learned from Latinas about their feelings, ideas, and experiences with cervical cancer screening tests. On the front of each card is something that a woman might say about screening. On the back of the card is an example of what the community health worker could say in response.

How to Use the Message Cards

The lesson plan for an individual session gives instructions for how to use the message cards. The instructions tell the community health worker to ask the woman to choose the cards that express feelings similar to her own. The community health worker will talk with her about each card she chooses, using the information on the back of the card as a guide. After you become familiar with the cards, you will find other ways that they can be helpful in your conversations.

The lesson plan for a group session does not use the message cards. Instead, the group session has something similar called personality cards. The personality cards are part of the game called Three Friends. If the community health worker does not have time to play Three Friends, she could use the message cards with a group. We encourage her to be creative!
The message cards can be used in two ways—

  • Print the Microsoft Word or PDF version and clip each card.
  • Open the message cards below electronically.

Message Cards

Stage in the Cervical Cancer Screening Process

Feelings About Cervical Cancer Screening