AMIGAS Cabbage Game

Cabbage Game question 1: Can a woman have abnormal cells that might become cervical cancer, but not know it? AMIGAS

The questions are available in PDF format [PDF-190KB] for printing. The questions and answers are shown below.

This game is used in an AMIGAS group session to review knowledge of information in the presentation—

  • What is cervical cancer?
  • Who can get cervical cancer?
  • What is a Pap test?
  • Who should get a Pap test and how often?
  • What is an HPV test?
  • Who can get an HPV test and how often?
  • Why is it important to get screened for cervical cancer?

Materials: For in-person sessions, use 10 sheets of blank green paper to make a paper cabbage as described below.

Number of Players: 3 or more

How to Make a Paper Cabbage

  1. Print each question [PDF-190KB] on one sheet of green paper.
  2. Start with the sheet with question 10.
  3. Make a circle by joining your thumb and index finger and place the center of the sheet over the circle. Push down gently as shown in Figure 1.
  4. Pinch the middle of the sheet and form a stem by tightening your fist as shown in Figure 2.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 with each of the remaining sheets.
  6. Place the sheet with question 10 in the middle and add the next sheet to the outside as shown in Figure 3. Then add the remaining sheets one at a time. As you add each sheet to the outside, pinch them together. Note that each additional leaf is added to the outside of the cabbage, so question 10 should be on the inside leaf and question 1 should be on the outside leaf.
  7. When you have all 10 leaves, your cabbage should look like the picture in Figure 4.
A person folds sheets of green paper to form a paper cabbage
Figure 1
A person folds sheets of green paper to form a paper cabbage
Figure 2
A person folds sheets of green paper to form a paper cabbage
Figure 3
A person folds sheets of green paper to form a paper cabbage
Figure 4

How to Play (In-Person Session)

  1. Ask the women to stand in a circle.
  2. All the players clap while everyone chants “The cabbage is hot, the cabbage is hot, it BURNS!”
  3. Players pass the “cabbage” to the person on the right.
  4. After the players say, “It BURNS!” the clapping stops. The woman who is holding the cabbage when the chanting stops peels off a “leaf” (sheet of paper) and reads the question or true-false statement out loud to the group. She then tries to answer the question. If she cannot answer it, she can say “I pass” and then pass the “cabbage” and her question to the next woman in the circle. Then that woman can try to answer—she can also pass if she wants to.
  5. When the question has been answered correctly, the “cabbage” is passed again to the right and the chanting continues.
  6. Use the answers below to ensure that the questions are answered correctly. If any answer is incorrect or not very clear, you can step in and help the women with the answers as necessary.
  7. Keep playing until all of the sheets are gone.

Things to Remember

  • You will take the “cabbage” with you to the session.
  • Make sure no one feels bad or embarrassed about her answers or opinions. You could tell the women something like, “You should not worry if you don’t know the answer to any of these questions. We are all here to learn and share together.”
  • Try to give everyone a chance to remove a “cabbage leaf” and answer a question.
  • The Cabbage should not take more than 15 minutes to play.

How to Play (Remote Session)

If the session is being held remotely via teleconference, you can read the questions aloud and any participant can answer.

Questions and Answers