INSPIRE: Seven Strategies for Ending Violence against Children

Violence against Children

Using science to fuel action and end violence against children


INSPIREExternal is a technical package for everyone committed to preventing and responding to violence against children and adolescents – from government to grassroots, and from civil society to the private sector. It is a group of strategies distilled from the best available evidence and with the greatest potential to reduce violence against children. Ten agencies with a long history of mobilizing a consistent, evidence-based approach to preventing violence against children, including CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO), have collaborated to develop INSPIRE. These agencies stand together with countries and communities to prevent and respond to violence against children by implementing the strategies in this package. Use the INSPIRE Handbook: action for implementing the seven strategies for ending violence against childrenExternal for guidance on selecting and implementing interventions to prevent violence against children.

Seven Strategies for Ending Violence against Children

Download the INSPIRE technical package from WHO hereExternal.

Share the INSPIRE infographic Cdc-pdf[PDF 266KB]External.

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