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Preventing Chronic Disease is dedicated to reporting practical scientific research, programs, and policy efforts to improve the health of communities. Our articles advance current knowledge and contribute to the welfare of people beyond the interventions they describe. In this section, we have grouped together previously published articles under specific topics and themes for rapid dissemination to our readers. We are making these collections available as part of our mission to facilitate through publication widespread implementation of science-based interventions that improve the health and well-being of communities.

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Advancing Health Equity, Eliminating Health Disparities, and Improving Population Health

PCD 2021 Student Paper Collection: Building Public Health Research Capacity in Real-World Settings

Global Perspectives on Improving Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Diverse Settings

Oral Health Behaviors and Availability of Dental Services Among Children and Adults



Mental Health is a Global Public Health Issue

Public Health and Pharmacy: Collaborative Approaches to Improve Population Health

US Public Health Response to COVID-19 and Chronic Disease: Continuing the Commitment to Improve Population Health

CDC High Obesity Program



CDC Colorectal Cancer Control Program

NCCDPHP Program Evaluation

Health Care Systems, Public Health, and Communities: Population Health Improvements

Population Health, Place, and Space: Spatial Perspectives in Chronic Disease Research and Practice

Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country



Promoting the Science and Practice of Implementation Evaluation in Public Healthpdf icon [PDF – 1.69 MB]

2018 Student Research Paper Contestpdf icon [PDF – 5 MB]

PCD Collection: Eliminating Health Disparities

State and Local Public Health Actions to Prevent and Control Chronic Diseasespdf icon [PDF – 16.60 MB]

The Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration (CORD) Projectpdf icon [PDF – 2.33 MB]



2017 Student Research Paper Contestpdf icon [PDF – 6.7 MB]



Nutrition and Obesity Policy Research and Evaluation Network (NOPREN)pdf icon [PDF – 1.52 MB]

Next Steps: Translating Evidence to Eliminate Disparities in Diabetes and Obesity pdf icon [PDF – 1.82 MB]



Evaluation of New York City’s Regulations on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Screen Time in Licensed Group Child Care Centers pdf icon [PDF – 1.4 MB]

Research to Reality – National Cancer Institute pdf icon [PDF – 6.3 MB]



Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) pdf icon [PDF – 7.5 MB]

Multiple Chronic Conditions pdf icon [PDF – 16.8 MB]
Listen as we talk to Drs Anand Parekh and Samuel Posner about the definition and burden of multiple chronic conditions in the United States.

NEXT-D, 2013 pdf icon [PDF – 4.7 MB]



Veterans’ Health, 2011 – 2012 pdf icon [PDF – 7 MB]



Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), 2008 – 2011 pdf icon [PDF – 4.9 MB]



Mobilizing Action Towards Community Health (MATCH) 2010 pdf icon [PDF – 5.6 MB]

Healthy Aging, 2008 – 2010pdf icon [PDF – 3.9 MB]


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Changes in Density of On-Premises Alcohol Outlets and Impact on Violent Crime, Atlanta, Georgia, 1997–2007

Alcohol Policies and Alcoholic Cirrhosis Mortality in the United States

Prevalence of Alcohol Dependence Among US Adult Drinkers, 2009–2011

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Contribution of Excessive Alcohol Consumption to Deaths and Years of Potential Life Lost in the United States

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Veteran’s Health

Tailoring Care to Vulnerable Populations by Incorporating Social Determinants of Health: the Veterans Health Administration’s “Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team” Program

Cigarette Smoking, Reduction and Quit Attempts: Prevalence Among Veterans With Coronary Heart Disease

Initial Response to Program, Program Participation, and Weight Reduction Among 375 MOVE! Participants, Augusta, Georgia, 2008–2010

Importance of Nutrition Visits After Gastric Bypass Surgery for American Veterans, San Francisco, 2004–2010

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