Updated DCAS Website Design

September 19, 2016

NIOSH/DCAS is pleased to announce our newly redesigned website. The enhancements to our website provide an optimal viewing experience with improved functionality:

  • Adjusts to the user’s screen resolution (adapts to multiple devices)
  • Minimizes scrolling, resizing, and panning
  • Creates a more accessible website for individuals with disabilities
  • Decreases page load times and the data needed to download files
  • Prioritizes information for the user in less space
  • Improves overall navigation

We will continue to update the website to better serve our visitors. We welcome your feedback and comments on our new look. Please contact the DCAS Web Coordinator, Glenda Leary, at ocaswebupdates@cdc.gov or via phone toll free at 1-877-222-7570.

Page last reviewed: June 30, 2022