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Location: Argonne, Illinois

Special Exposure Cohort Petition Information

The Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) is a unique category of employees established by the Act (42 U.S.C. 7384 et seq). Claims compensated under the SEC do not have to go through the dose reconstruction process. To qualify for compensation under the SEC, a covered employee must meet specific requirements (e.g., must have at least one of 22 “specified cancers,” and have worked for a specified time period at one of the SEC sites). Classes of employees and work sites can be considered for addition to the SEC through a NIOSH petition process.

More information about the Special Exposure Cohort can be found on our Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Open/Active SEC Petitions

There are currently no open/active SEC petitions from Argonne National Laboratory – East.

SEC Petitions Not Qualifying for Evaluation

Two petitions were received but did not qualify for evaluation (Petition 212 and 254), and another was withdrawn by the petitioner (Petition 117).

Advisory Board Work Group on Argonne National Laboratory – East

This Work Group is responsible for a review of the Argonne National Laboratory-East Site Profile and of the review of the Site Profile by the Board’s contractor (SC&A). The Work Group shall consider issues identified by SC&A concerning the Site Profiles and shall assist NIOSH and SC&A in the resolution of such issues. The Work Group may recommend to the Board changes in the Site Profile as appropriate. The Work Group is also responsible for a review of SEC petitions from Argonne National Laboratory-East petitioners, the resultant SEC Petition Evaluations from NIOSH, and any SC&A reviews of the SEC Petitions and NIOSH Petition Evaluations. The Work Group shall assist NIOSH and SC&A in the resolution of issues concerning the petitions and should strive to develop a recommendation to the Board on whether a class should be added to the SEC.

Meeting information (including agendas and transcripts) for this Work Group can be found on either the individual site page for Argonne National Laboratory – East or the Advisory Board and Public Meetings page.

Work Group Members:

  • Bradley P. Clawson (Chair)

  • Josie Beach

  • Nicole E. Martinez, Ph.D.

  • Genevieve S. Roessler, Ph.D.

  • Loretta R. Valerio

Meeting Information:

Worker Outreach Activities

Based on a recommendation from the Advisory Board to provide workers and site experts with opportunities to participate in developing the technical documents used in dose reconstruction, NIOSH established a Worker Outreach Program.

At Worker Outreach Meetings, current and former DOE and AWE employees have opportunities to obtain information about Site Profiles, Technical Basis Documents, and Technical Information Bulletins, and to provide information for consideration and possible use in dose reconstruction. This process is valuable to ensure that the technical documents used in dose reconstruction contain correct and useful information.

Worker Outreach Activities for the Argonne National Laboratory – East:

Technical Documents

If the energy employee’s personal radiation information is incomplete, NIOSH will use other sources to estimate the radiation dose. This may involve using technical documents called Site Profiles, Technical Basis Documents, and Technical Information Bulletins.

Site Profile

  • Introduction [56 KB (9 pages)]
    December 12, 2005

  • Site Description [771 KB (38 pages)]
    Page Change Revision July 24, 2006

    Page Change Revision Includes: Approved page change revision to update required language on page 7 in Section 2.1. Adds Purpose (Section 2.1.1) and Scope (Section 2.1.2) on page 8. Eliminates some details from Section 2.2.2 on page 8. Deletes details on page 10 under Figure 2.2 in Section 2.2.3. Deletes details on page 12 in last paragraph in Section 2.2.3 and rewrites portion on pages 12 and 14 in Section 2.2.3. Rewrites portion of page 28 in Section 2.4 in regard to Radium release. Corrects ANL 2005 references on pages 24, 25, 30, and 31 in Section Adds ANL references in Reference Section on page 32. This revision results in no change to the assigned dose.

  • Occupational Medical Dose [238 KB (14 pages)]
    Page change revision March 27, 2006

    Page Change Revision Includes Revision to analog/surrogate Table 3-4 on page 9 in Section 3.5.1 to remove uterus as a surrogate organ for ovaries. No sections were deleted.

  • Occupational Environmental Dose [600 KB (33 pages)]
    Approved February 9, 2006

  • Occupational Internal Dose [1 MB (42 pages)]
    Approved March 1, 2006

  • Occupational External Dose [1.5 MB (73 pages)]
    Revised October 16, 2014

Advisory Board and NIOSH Discussions on Argonne National Laboratory – East

Program Evaluation Plans (PEPs) and Program Evaluation Reports (PERs)

NIOSH is committed to applying the best available science in dose reconstructions. In keeping with this commitment, completed cases with probabilities of causation less than 50% are reviewed as relevant new information becomes available. The results of these reviews are described in a Program Evaluation Report (PER). The PER details the effect, if any, of the new information on the completed dose reconstruction. If it appears that the new information may result in an increase in dose for a completed dose reconstruction with a probability of causation of less than 50%, NIOSH is committed to working with the Department of Labor to reopen and rework the dose reconstruction, as appropriate. A Program Evaluation Plan (PEP) describes plans for evaluating specific program details or issues.

  • OCAS-PER-017 Rev-00: Program Evaluation Report: Evaluation of Incomplete Internal Dosimetry Records from Idaho, Argonne – East and Argonne – West National Laboratories [21 KB (3 pages)
    September 11, 2007

    About this Document: New document to determine which previously completed claims require revisions as a result of new dosimetry data at INL, ANL-E, and ANL-W.

    Summary: Additional requests were sent in August/September 2006. By April of 2007 a response was received for each of the request. These requests resulted in receiving internal dose data for 83 claims, 62 from INL, 14 from ANL-W, 6 from ANL-E and one with additional records from both INL and ANL-W.

    Some of these claims have already been returned to NIOSH for new dose reconstruction for various reasons. The new dose reconstructions will consider the new data received. NIOSH is requesting the remaining claims be returned for a new dose reconstruction. This consists of 68 individual claims. A list of these claims will be forwarded to the Department of Labor. A new dose reconstruction will be completed for each of the claims using the new data.

  • OCAS-PEP-0017 Rev-00: Evaluation of Incomplete Internal Dosimetry Records from Idaho, Argonne – East and Argonne – West National Laboratories [17 KB (3 pages)]
    March 21, 2007

    About this Document: In April/May 2006, while reviewing dose reconstructions (DR) for an Idaho National Laboratory (INL) case and an Argonne National Laboratory – East (ANL-E) case, a particular notation (“no recordable dose”) in the INL dosimetry response, as well as a similar notation (“no internal dose”) in the ANL-E dosimetry response, was questioned. Both the INL and ANL-E points of contact (POC) were contacted and asked if this notation meant that the energy employee (EE) was not monitored. The INL POC responded that this notation meant that this particular EE may have been monitored but no internal dose was assigned. The ANL-E POC provided information that the EE had internal dose records for most years of his employment. [Although Argonne National Laboratory – West (ANL-W) requests are sent through the Chicago Operations Office, the dosimetry records are provided by INL.]

    In May/June 2006, it was determined that INL/ANL-W/ANL-E did not consistently include internal dose data in all of their individual dosimetry responses and that additional requests were needed for submitted cases with a POC less than 50%. For a particular EE, INL/ANL-W/ANL-E either provided all or none of the EE’s internal dosimetry records. A good indicator that there may be internal dosimetry data is that the OCAS-INT-004 (check-box form) may have a hand-written note next to the internal dosimetry status section that says – “no internal dose” or “no recordable dose.”

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